Here you can find 3 important news from islamic world:

1. Iran head calls for 'Holocaust' commission

2. Egypt Opposition Leader Denies Holocaust

3. Australian revisionist interviewed by Iranian press



Iran head calls for 'Holocaust' commission
Iran’s Ahmadinejad wants committee to investigate Holocaust

Iran Focus Monday, 26 December 2005

TEHRAN — Iran’s hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who recently called for
the destruction of Israel and termed the Holocaust a “myth” has asked for a committee
to be set up to prove that the massacre of some six million Jews in Nazi Germany never
took place.

The Fars news agency, which is close to the office of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah
Ali Khamenei, said that Ahmadinejad had proposed the idea after his comments calling
for Israel to be moved to European countries such as Germany and Austria drew
international outrage and United Nations Security Council condemnation.

Mohammad-Ali Ramin, who heads the state-run body Society for Defending the Rights
of Muslim Minorities in the West, told Fars that Ahmadinejad wanted European
governments to permit Western scholars to publish their research on the Holocaust.

Ahmadinejad wanted the committee to clarify the real extent of the Holocaust,
according to Ramin, who added that the radical President had the support of hardliners
loyal to the Supreme Leader.

Senior officials inside the clerical establishment including Khamenei himself have backed
Ahmadinejad’s threatening remarks against the Jewish state.

Egypt Opposition Leader Denies Holocaust

CAIRO, Egypt - The leader of Egypt's main Islamic opposition group said Thursday the Holocaust was a "myth," and he slammed Western governments for criticizing disclaimers of the Jewish genocide.

The comments by Muslim Brotherhood chief Mohammed Mahdi Akef — made on the heels of his group's strong showing in Egyptian parliamentary elections — echoed remarks made recently by

Iran's hard-line president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, which sparked international outrage.

"Western democracies have slammed all those who don't see eye to eye with the Zionists regarding the myth of the Holocaust," Akef wrote in a weekly article meant as a directive to the group's followers on its official Web site.

Israel, the director of the Israeli branch of the Nazi watchdog group, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, warned, "There's no question that a very ugly wave of Holocaust denial is sweeping the Arab world."

"The problem is that so far in the Arab world, very few leaders are willing to tell their own people that they have to understand that the Holocaust did take place," Efraim Zuroff said.

Akef's hard-line rhetoric was in contrast to the moderate tone the Brotherhood took in November and December parliamentary elections, during which it played down its calls for implementing Shariah, or Islamic law, in Egypt and instead touted itself as a pro-democracy movement.

The outlawed Brotherhood surprised many with its election showing, winning 88 seats in the legislature — about 20 percent of the body — and establishing itself as the top opposition bloc.

In his article, Akef lashed out at the United States and other Western powers for what he described as a campaign against Islam.

"These words are meant to expose the false American rule which has become a nightmare of a new world order," Akef said.

"I am making these comments to all free people in the world, aiming to wake up the conscience in humanity. The sword of democracy is only unsheathed against those who raise the flag of Islam."

Similar comments by Ahmadinejad earlier this month sparked an international outcry. The Iranian president called the Holocaust — in which an estimated 6 million Jews were killed — a "myth" and said Europeans have used it to create a Jewish state in the heart of the Islamic world.

He also said Israel should be "wiped off the map."

Arab governments and media did not condemn Ahmadinejad's remarks.

It was not clear why Akef made the remarks, but his article was full of criticism of Western democracy, which he said "was drawn up by the sons of Zion."

Akef did not take a question about his statement when telephoned by The Associated Press.

But a top Brotherhood leader said the group is disenchanted by the U.S. policies in the Mideast, including

President Bush's reform plans for the region.

"In fact, the Americans appeared to be hypocrites about the issue of reform," Essam el-Aryan said. "They maintain silence when the (election's) results were not favorable to them."

In an interview with the AP last month, Akef promised that the group will not use its new leverage in the parliament to try to change Egypt's foreign policy, including its 1979 peace treaty with Israel. He said the group will not push for a fight with Israel.

His remarks seemed to be designed to allay Western concerns about the organization's newfound strength.

Following the elections, Akef promised that Brotherhood parliamentarians would represent all Egyptians — Muslims, Coptic Christians, men and women — in an attempt to calm widespread fear of the group among Christians, women and secularists.

But in his Thursday article, Akef said the group will press to implement "the correct teachings of Islam."

"You Brothers, you are the guardians of Shariah. Your main concern should be the heritage of Shariah, which you uphold," he wrote.

The Brotherhood calls for implementing Islamic law but is vague about what that means. Many skeptics accuse it of using a moderate tone in public while backing hard-line stances in private that it will implement if it takes power through elections.

Others contend its more radical statements are an attempt to play to Egyptians who resent what they see as the United States' bias toward Israel.

The Brotherhood, Egypt's oldest Islamist group and the biggest opposition bloc, was outlawed in 1954, but it fielded 150 candidates who ran as independents to get around the ban. The organization claims it could have won an additional 30 seats were it not for violent intervention by security forces.


Australian revisionist
interviewed by Iranian press

Israel was built on a lie: Adelaide Institute director
Tehran Times Thursday, 29 December 2005

TEHRAN — Fredrick Toben, the director of the Adelaide Institute in
Australia, believes that Israel was created based on the Holocaust
myth. On December 19, the Mehr News Agency conducted an interview
with Toben to ask why Western countries were so outraged when
Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad called the Holocaust a myth.
Following is the text of the interview:
Q: The Iranian president said that he thinks that the Holocaust is
a myth. However, he also said some European countries insist that
millions of innocent Jews were killed during the Second World War by
Hitler, and asked why the Europeans don’t give part of their land to
the Jews if they are correct. What is your view?

A: The Holocaust is a lie because none of its three main pillars on which
it rests are factually true or proven.

1. Germany — Hitler systematically exterminated European Jewry.
There is simply no proof of this claim—it was a transfer of Jews [who]
were moved out of German territory—and Auschwitz was a transit camp.

2. The killing was done in huge chemical slaughterhouses — homicidal
gas chambers. This is a technical impossibility because you can work out
how long it would take, for example, to kill one million people—the size
of a city like Adelaide—without anyone finding out about it. The world
soon found out President Bush lied about Iraq's "Weapons of Mass
Destruction"—that lie didn't last even one year.

3. Six million Jews were killed — This number is mythical/religious—and
although at one time the numbers killed at Auschwitz was claimed to be
4 million, then reduced to 1-1.5 million, and now to around 500,000,
the six million remains the same. Why?

Anyone who questions these three points is imprisoned—and revisionists
must ask these questions if they wish to know the facts about the
Holocaust story.

Q: If they are right, surely they can prove it as a historical fact. Why do
they avoid any discussion of the Holocaust?

A: The international anger against the Iranian president's words clearly
expressed the view that the post-World War II order is held together by
the 'Holocaust' myth. You begin by stating a fact—that Jews were moved
out of Europe. Then you exaggerate the suffering such uprooting causes
to individual Jews—the suffering is not denied by anyone. Then outright
lying occurs—that Jews were gassed because Hitler hated them. World
War II was more than Hitler and the Jews. Hitler disconnected the German
economy from international predatory capitalism—and bartered freely with
nations that refused to be locked into debt finance—which was mainly
controlled by International Jewish Finance.

Because the Holocaust is a lie, it must be protected legally—the hysterical
reactions by world leaders indicates the Zionists have a strong hold on
these individuals and governments. The Holocaust has become a religion—
in European countries you can criticize and defame Jesus, Mary, etc., but
you cannot criticize the Jews and their "Holocaust."

Germar Rudolf [a dissident recently deported from the United States to face
prosecution for "Holocaust denial" in Germany—Ed.] has written the definitive
The Rudolf Report—which refutes the claims that gassings occurred at
Auschwitz—other individuals have done likewise. Fritjof Meyer in Germany—
he follows left-wing politics and so no prison for him—claims that Auschwitz
itself was not a killing/gassing camp, but that gassings occurred in two farm
houses outside of the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp. To date no one has found
remains of these two farm houses.

Q: Why has the Holocaust become a dogma while the killing of other people
across the world goes unnoticed?

A: The Iranian president was correct in what he stated—and the hatred
towards him and his words indicates how powerful his words were—the world
listened to the president. Why? Because the Holocaust justifies the Jews
treatment of Palestinians. Without Holocaust no reason to ethnically cleanse
Palestine. So, the Zionist state of Israel, a European colonial entity, continues
the racist policies against Palestinians because of what the Jews state
happened to Jews in Europe—The HOLOCAUST: a lie. Israel is thus built on
a lie!

Q: Why have revisionists been banned from discussing the Holocaust
and why are those who express any doubts treated like heretics?

A: The Allies — Britain/USA/Russia/France control German power in Europe
through the Holocaust myth. Germany's possible wish to again become
dominant in Europe is thereby controlled. The extermination of Germans
from Germany continues as those who feel German are side-lined as Nazis,
Holocaust-deniers, etc.

The policy is to eliminate the Germans as an ethnic group within Germany.
Many Germans see this as a German Holocaust done under the guise of
multiculturalism whereby the Germans are replaced with peoples from all parts
of the world. The Germans are not masters in their own home anymore.
It would be as if the Kurds or Turks came to Iran and took over government

Revisionists are patriotic people who love their country—as Iranians love their
country Iran.

Q: As an Australian citizen you were imprisoned in Germany. What was the

A: In 1997 I researched the Holocaust by visiting public prosecutors and
judges in Germany—I did another trip in 1999 -- and this time the same public
prosecutor I visited in 1997 arrested me. I was in prison for 7 months at
Mannheim, where Ernst Zundel was. It was IRIB that followed my imprisonment,
and after I came out of prison on 11 November 1999 I visited Iran for a week—
and that was good. That is why I visited Iran for the Intifada Conference again
in 2001 and 2003. Iran was then the only country where people knew of the
Holocaust lie.

The problem with German justice is that if you defend yourself against the
Holocaust-denial charge with factual information, that is considered proof that
you are a heretic and that you have "lots of criminal energy". The fact that you
are in court is already proof of your guilt. A defense in court gets you another
charge—so I remained silent in court.

Then last year, 8 November 2004, I had the re-trial at Mannheim. But I was in
Australia and I was prevented from entering Germany because the Germans
had stated I was an undesirable person. And so had I gone to attend the court
case, I would have been arrested at the German borders—then had I attended
court and defended myself I would have compounded my guilt—made it worse
for me. I asked the judge what I should do—I did not hear from him.

Now the new development in Germany is led by Horst Mahler, who is challenging
the law that the Holocaust is "obvious," that it need not be proven in court.
Mahler has a number of individuals who are being tried for "Holocaust denial,"
which in Germany is treated as an incitement to racial violence charge. Mahler
is using Germar Rudolf's book, Lectures on the Holocaust as an argument that
there is a need for the German judiciary to open itself to new information about
the period of history called the Holocaust.

The interesting matter confronting Germans is also the problem raised by Turkey—
when they are trying to prosecute the Turkish writer who dares mention the
Armenian "Holocaust"—a crime in Turkey.

[End of interview]

German in origin, Dr. Fredrick Toben was raised in Australia as an Australian
citizen, and speaks both English and German. Becoming interested in exonerating
the German people from the anti-German racism of the Holocaust legend, he at
first edited a revisionist journal called Truth Missions, which was later renamed
Adelaide Institute Newsletter. He then broadened out to establish Australia's
revisionist website, the Adelaide Institute. He has personally visited the site of
Auschwitz and burrowed under the ruins of the alleged gas chamber, being unable
to find the four holes in the roof which were supposedly used to throw in gas
pellets. He has conducted regular dialogue with Exterminationists, those who
maintain the World War II blood libel against the German people.