Letter to the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran


Mr. President of Islamic Republic of Iran,

We don’t know you and you don’t know us. As matter of fact, there is a profound divide that separates us - a theological, metaphysical and historic gulf.

You are an observant Muslim; We are integral Catholic Roman.

However, if it is right and dutiful recognize the Truth, from everywhere and from everyone that has been said and advocated, we would like to offer you our respectful esteem for your recent positions taken in regard to the “state” of Israel, and in regard to the condition of subjection and servitude of the political European world (not to mention the American) towards this subtle lobbyist power, which, almost without restraint, supersede both the present world and the European history of the previous last century.

These your positions honor both you and your office, whereas dishonor us “westerns”, who are without soul, without courage, without dignity, and total uncaring to the gloomy dictatorship of "political correctness".

We owe you nothing and you owe us nothing either:

We are writing to you, unreservedly, with no strings attached, as between gentlemen.

It is our sincere wish that you always maintain the same freedom of judgment and the same courage in taking “leonine” positions in a world of sheep and cattle.

May the most Holy Trinity touch your heart and those of your people.