Muslims Beware Obama's Lies

Barack Obama is a pathological liar. Barack Obama is a puppet of the Jews. The bankers put Obama in power, and Obama has stolen trillions of dollars and given them to the Jews. He likes to betray people who foolishly believe his Jewish lies.

When Obama, like both Presidents Bush before him, states that he is not at war with Islam, he, on behalf of the Jews, is seeking to pit Muslims against Muslims. Americans did not declare war against all Koreans, or all Vietnamese, rather, at the behest of the Jews, Americans slaughtered Koreans and Vietnamese in the name of defending Koreans and Vietnamese.

Obama is indeed waging war on Islam, by seeking an alliance of Sunni Arabs and Turks with the Israelis and Americans, against all Shia and the Kurds. Obama wants to side with the Arabs who wage war on Shia, just as Americans installed and sided with Saddam against the Persians, but as with Saddam, the Jewish goal is for Muslims to murder as many fellow Muslims as possible. And just as with Saddam, once the Jews have used the Persians and Kurds to weaken the Arabs and the Turks, and the Arabs and Turks to weaken the Persians and Kurds, the Jews will then aim American and European guns on Arabs and Turks, as well as Persians, Kurds, Pakistanis, Indonesians, etc.

So, be advised Muslims, Obama is lying to you, just as he lied to Christian Armenians when he promised to recognize the Jewish genocide of Armenian Christians. Obama is, at the behest of the Jews, out to destroy you all by first enabling and encouraging you to destroy one another.

If you think America and Israel will be faithful allies of the Arabs and create a viable Palestinian State if the Arabs help the Jews to destroy the Persians, remember how the Americans, at the behest of the Jews, set up Saddam and the Iraqis to then knock them down.