To: The Government of Israel

In the name of the people of the United States of America and all peace-loving people throughout the world, and many other like-minded freedom loving individuals and organizations, issue to the government of Israel the following eighteen DEMANDS:

1. STOP using American military aid to commit unlawful acts of terrorism, murder, and genocide against Palestinians and others in the territories which Israel illegally occupies.

2. Obey United Nations resolution 242. End occupation of the West Bank, Gaza, and the Golan Heights. End Israeli imperialism!

3. Obey United Nations resolution 194. Allow Palestinians to return to their homes: homes from which Israel drove them illegally over the past fifty-plus years.

4. Stop using torture as a matter of state policy.

5. Stop using assassination and murder as a matter of state policy.

6. Stop acts of terror which deprive Palestinians of their dignity, freedom, property, or lives without as much as the pretense of any due process of law.

7. Stop the institutionalized racism which treats non-Jews born in Israel as second-class citizens while denying them citizenship rights in their native land.

8. Allow true freedom of religion for people of all faiths in Israel.

9. Allow true freedom of speech and assembly for all people in Israel.

10. Stop building illegal settlements in the occupied territories.

11. Return all properties illegally seized in Jerusalem.

12. Recognize the existence of an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

13. Allow an international peace-keeping force into Gaza and the West Bank to provide for the protection of innocent Palestinians against acts of Israeli state-sponsored terrorism.

14. Apologize to the people of Lebanon for the acts of war Israel has committed against them for over a quarter century.

15. Compensate the people and government of Lebanon for the results of Israel's acts of war.

16. Turn Ariel Sharon, the 'Butcher of Beirut', over to the World Court so that he may face justice for his war crimes and crimes against humanity.

17. Accept responsibility for Israeli acts of war against the United States of America during Israel's premeditated and unprovoked attack on the USS Liberty in international waters.

18. Accept responsibility for the fact that Israel's terrorist actions against the Palestinians and others are the direct cause of acts of terrorism against the United States!

The interests of the Jews does NOT outweigh the needs of the people of the world!

The freedom-loving people of the world are adamant that the Jewish state immediately cease its barbaric treatment of the people whose lands it occupies illegally!

Israel's continued genocidal actions leave us no alternative but to call for a total end to all American economic and military aid to Israel!