No more tears left to cry in Argentina

Large scale rebellions expected this weekend. The army is ready to pounce on the people on behalf of international money lenders.

Los Angeles, Alta California - 12/3/2001 - (ACN) "¡Llegó el final, remate total!" ("The end has come, total discounts!") reads a sales sign at an upscale clothing store on Florida Street in Buenos Aires. For Argentineans today, the feeling that "the end has come" is very real considering that the country is right now collapsing under the weight of a $132 billion dollar external debt to very secretive interests behind the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. Tomorrow, Friday, the fifth president in two weeks, is going to announce new monetary policies and most analysts of Argentinean politics are expecting for "all hell to break loose." The Argentinean people are catching on that their "corrupt politicians" do not have their interests in mind but solely the foreign interests of the international money lenders. They still are not allowed to take out their savings from banks while a massive devaluation of the Argentinean Peso is expected to be declared tomorrow. This is tantamount to a "mugging" of the Argentinean people by their criminal government under orders of the international money lenders.

The fact is that the same thing can happen soon in other Western Hemispheric countries including Mexico. Already Peru, Brazil, Bolivia and Mexico are beginning to show the same symptoms that Argentina showed about nine months ago. Mexico has passed very unpopular tax measures called IVA and has instituted other "austerity measures". This month the Mexican Congress approved a national budget which President Fox said will not be sufficient to take care of the many social needs of the country. He said, "Vamos tener que hacer mas con menos!" (We will have to do more with less!"). La Jornada Newspaper in Mexico City also quoted President Fox as saying, "What is happening in Argentina will not happen here!" Obviously he felt a need to make the statement because many Mexicans are asking. Mexico now keeps the amount of its external debt to international money lenders very secret.

In addition, anyone who thinks that the very same thing can not happen in the USA and specially here in Aztlan is only fooling themselves. In Alta California, for example, corrupt state politicians recently emptied the state treasury of its 9 billion dollar surplus and now they have raised the state's sales tax. Unemployment is increasing daily and more and more homeless and beggars are seen in the streets. Democracy here in the state has become a sham. Voters will have no choice for an honest governor in the upcoming elections. The choice will be one of two crooked politicians. They are the same as the 5 consecutive presidents of Argentina were the same.

The secretive money lenders behind the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank have been responsible for the demise of many countries and have been instrumental in enslaving workers in Third World nations. Their billions corrupt the local politicians through the use of their "money" as carrots. Their money is like a "drug" that addicts the local politicians as it did Carlos Menem, former president of Argentina. The corrupt politicians enrich themselves with these loans. The loans are predicated on conditions that allow for foreign capitalists to ravish the countries natural resources. As the amount of the loans increase, the interests payments on the loans also increase. Soon the country can not even pay the interest on the loans and the principal increases astronomically as it did in Argentina. The money lenders than demand that the country undertake "economic austerity measures" or they will stop the "monetary fixes" to the corrupt politicians. The corrupt politicians than impose higher taxes and lower the wages of the workers. They demand that the workers work harder for less in order to make the payments to the international money lenders. This is where Argentina is at at this very moment and tomorrow will tell whether the workers will continue to take this national abuse.

Who are these secretive money lenders behind the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. They are the very same ones that invented the concept of lending money in return for interest payments. They certainly are not descendants of indigenous civilizations that only bartered with real things necessary for survival. Most of us have heard of the House of Rothschild and of the "money changers" during the life of Jesus Christ. The Holy Bible says that Jesus Christ, the Messiah, once became very angry with the Jewish "money changers" that operated inside the Holy Temple. He considered them robbers because they would short change Temple visitors who needed to change foreign currencies for the money that was accepted as legal tender for payment of the required Temple tax. One day Jesus Christ went to the Temple and overturned the money changers' tables and scattered their coins all over the Temple. The secretive international money lenders behind the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank are descendents of the Temple money changers described in the New Testament. The Argentinean people should become as angry as Jesus Christ and over turn these international money lenders' tables. But first, they should take care of their own corrupt politicians who sold them out to the foreign international money lenders in the first place!