Assassinated Wall Street Journalist was an Israeli Citizen

Ernesto Cienfuegos
La Voz de Aztlan

Los Angeles, Alta California - 2/22/2002 - (ACN) La Voz de Aztlan has just learned that the assassinated Wall Street Journalist, Daniel Pearl, was a citizen of Israel with close ties to the Zionist government. He was a frequent visitor to Israel and would stay with his grandmother who lives in Tel Aviv, the city where the headquarters of the Israeli intelligence agency , the MOSSAD, are located. His father Yehuda Judea Pearl was a former officer in the Israeli Defense Forces and now teaches at the University of California at Los Angeles. His mother, Ruth, met his father when both were students at Technion University in Haifa. Mr. Daniel Pearl's bar mitzvah was celebrated at the Western Wall. Both of his sisters Michelle and Tamara are also Israeli citizens.

Mr. Pearl was also a dual citizen of the United States, as are a large majority of American Jews. He went to school in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles and graduated from Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. His immediate family now resides in Encino, which is an upscale suburb of Los Angeles.

The Islamic Fundamentalists in Pakistan who first kidnapped Mr. Pearl have maintained that the journalist was actually a CIA/MOSSAD operative that was utilizing Wall Street Journalist credentials as a cover. The Wall Street Journal publication has denied the allegations. Daniel Pearl was in Pakistan looking for information on the al Qaida network. It appears that he was lured into a trap when he was offered information by the kidnappers.

La Voz de Aztlan condemns the intimidation and murder of journalists. We have been the recipients of numerous threats that are designed to silence us. "Freedom of the Press and Speech" is one of the most important rights that all human beings should have. This freedom should however be provided universally and not just to selected publications and journalists.

We have reported threats we have recived to authorities, but no action to protect our staff has been taken. On the contrary, there was an incident involving the United States Department of Justice that has us quite concerned. We received a copy of a "memorandum" through e-mail from within the USDOJ that was addressed to the CRS Director in Seattle. The memorandum's author was the Director of the Los Angeles field office. The memorandum was concerning the articles we published on the racial attacks of two students of Mexican descent at Cornell University. The L.A. Director was warning the Seattle Director to "watch out for La Voz de Aztlan" and made very negative references about our publisher. It also accused us of being "anti-semitic" simply because we have written articles like this one. The memorandum was "scary" to say the least and has in many ways "chilled" the ability of our staff to report the news without fear. We do not know who in the USDOJ sent us the copy of the memorandum but we want to thank him or her for alerting us.

We hope that Mr. Daniel Pearl was not a CIA/MOSSAD operative using Wall Street Journal credentials to spy for Israel. If this is the case, than the world press should condemn these sort of practices because it places legitimate journalists in greater danger in an already very dangerous world. Legitimate journalists merely want to report the truth about what is really happening around the globe and do not take part in the collection of military or intelligence information for one's government.

La Voz de Aztlan, never-the-less, condemns the cruel murder of Mr. Pearl. We want to express our deepest condolences to his family and loved ones. We only wished that Mr. Colin Powell would have traded one al Qaida prisoner held at Guantanamo for the precious life of Mr. Daniel Pearl. This would have been the humane thing to do.