France Accuses the U.S. of Endangering the World

Simplistic foreign policy of applying "anti-terrorist" measures to all global conflicts threatens world peace says French Foreign Minister Hubert Vedrine
Hector Carreon
La Voz de Aztlan


Paris, France - 2/7/2002 - (ACN) "We are today threaten by a new U.S. foreign policy that is simplistic and reduces the problems of the world to a war on terrorism", stated the French Minister of Foreign Relations Hubert Vedrine yesterday in Paris. "U.S. international politics and its tendency to monopolize world affairs without consulting other nations and making decisions under its own interpretation and for its own interests is seriously threatening the peace of the entire world", adds Foreign Minister Vedrine. Foreign Minister Vedrine suggested that we must instead look at the real causes of the world problems which are rooted in poverty and injustice.

In a broadcast over Radio France Inter, Foreign Minister Vedrine declared also that it is a mistake to attack Iran or Iraq without the support of the world community and that the U.S. is committing a great error in supporting Israel and its human rights violations of the Palestinian people. "Europe is not in agreement with White House politics in the Middle East. We consider it a major error to support the repression of the Palestinians by Ariel Sharon and a further error to isolate Yasser Arafat", said Foreign Minister Hubert Vedrine.

The United States and Israel are planning a joint "first strike" against Iran and Iraq. As a pretext, they are pointing to weapons of mass destruction in possession of Iraq and Iran. On the contrary, Baghdad affirmed that the accusations by Washington are only ploys to divert attention to the massive nuclear arsenal possessed by Israel that threatens not only regional security but the security of the entire world as well. Tehran also affirms that nuclear weapons in the hands of the Israelis can start a world holocaust like no other ever experienced by the human race. Tehran stated, " Israel is on the brink of starting 'The Mother of all Wars'".