Stop Subversion of FBI ! Petition against the Anti-"Defamation" League


To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to you because after examining the message on your website I thought you may be interested in supporting the effort to keep an anti-Christian organization called the Anti-Defamation League from influencing the FBI. They actually have a criminal past and they have a hardcore consensus shaping effort in law enforcement against Christians in the United States. Below is a copy of the petition for you to review. I have provided a link underneath that will take you to the actual online petition if you wish to sign. I don't know how else to counter the wicked activities of the ADL other than petitioning our leaders. Thank you for your time.

Those that sign this petition are disturbed by the growing influence that the Anti-Defamation League has on the field of law enforcement. On May 7, 2002, Robert Mueller Director of the FBI stated that under former Director Louis Freeh, the partnership between the ADL and the FBI “…reached new heights”. The ADL has visited law enforcement agencies at every level to submit intelligence on what they call “hate groups” or “militia groups”. We are concerned about the influence that the ADL has on law enforcement mainly because we understand the importance of the Bill of Rights that they constantly misinterpret. They also support efforts to keep the Bible out of public buildings. They are the spearhead of an effort that will alienate Bible-believing Christians and give non-Christians complete, government-backed immunity to any kind of criticism.

The beliefs held by this organization are protected by the constitution. We believe the literature they distribute also has this protection. However, the Federal Bureau of Investigation endorsement of this group warrants suspicion. Even the exposure of the ADL criminal activity namely their early connection with mafia boss Morris “Mo” Dalitz was not enough to break the FBI/ADL relationship. An agent working for the ADL was also caught stealing files from the San Francisco Police Department in 1993 (Los Angeles Times, Evidence of ADL Spy Operation Seized by Police, April 9, 1993).

The FBI endorsement of this organization is as unnecessary as it is dangerous. They have already been shaping a consensus among law enforcement officials. After examining their literature we are inclined to think that there would be some very serious abuses of power committed by law enforcement if this goes on much longer. They have shown an aptitude to influence law enforcement, enact legislation and to sway public opinion. When you couple this with their hateful intolerance for Christians and a criminal history you get a very terrifying combination that will place thousands of Christians including myself in serious danger.

We have no ulterior motives to ostracize the rights of others. We simply want to permanently sever the partnership between the ADL and law enforcement. When one considers the criminal activity committed by the ADL, the importance of this effort is understood. Federalist Paper No. 2 and 29 both show that the Founding Fathers disagree with the ADL on pluralism and militias. We would appreciate your consideration of supporting the effort to prevent ADL influence on law enforcement. Thank you for your time.