Republicans Control Executive and Legislative Branch of Government!!!!!

God’s Will To Be Defended? Yeah, Right!

(Christian Gallery News Service, November 6, 2002) Yesterday, Republicans captured a majority of both houses of Congress and stand arrayed behind a President riding the crest of a tsunami of popular approval. Republican governors popped up in places heretofore unseen since the late unpleasantness historians call the Civil War. This morning, following a pattern that began with the first election of Richard M. Nixon, all across the country Christians awoke to a feeling of satisfaction that their contribution to the political arena would result in God’s plans being enhanced in this world. Examine this phenomenon closely because you are never likely in your lifetime to see a better example of self-serving fantasy, also known as selfish wishful thinking, or sometimes called self-deceiving denial.

The dominant Christian fantasy today is that Republicans represent some improvement over Democrats when it comes to seeing the will of God defended and implemented in the USA. This ability of Christians, especially Christian pro-lifers, to lend their faith to utterly unbelievable propositions like this one does more to convince people that Jesus Christ is a fantasy than any other thing that Satan does in this world.

How can the world be expected to take Biblical claims about Jesus Christ seriously when His followers lend themselves to political fantasies that everyone on earth knows to be utterly false and utterly self-serving?

The last thirty years of political history in the USA proves without a shadow of a doubt that there is no discernible difference in either major political party when it comes to actions concerning the will of God in the USA. There have been huge differences in rhetoric but zero difference in action.

How can you see the validity of the previous statement?


The idea of the will of God as the source of authority for government or law has been literally exiled from the USA. God has been forced to become a refugee in this nation that once claimed to derive its authority because it protected rights endowed to “all men” by The Creator. And this did not happen only when Democrats ruled this nation, it happened when Republicans ruled as well. In fact, it happened for the most part when Republicans were in control. In other words, as a matter of historical fact, the last fifty years of American history--the period in which this revolutionary overthrow of God’s plan and place in American government took place--was dominated for the most part by Republican administrations.

Yet after each election where Republicans emerge dominant, Christians, especially Christian prolifers, strut around proclaiming to the world how Christian prolifers are the difference between Republican victory and defeat.

Headlines like this one I received today proudly proclaim, "PRO-LIFE votes decide ELECTION OUTCOME!"

The article crowed, "Don't wait for Dan Rather to tell you this...

But one of the key factors in yesterday's elections was the abortion issue...

And in all the key close races in which abortion was the issue, the PRO-LIFE candidate won!

Consider this...

--IN NEW HAMPSHIRE, pro-life Sen. John Sununu won by a strong margin over his pro-abortion opponent.

--IN COLORADO, pro-life Sen. Wayne Allard won by a surprising margin over his pro-abortion opponent.

--IN GEORGIA, pro-life Sen. Saxby Chambliss won by an overwhelming margin over the pro-abortion incumbent.

--IN NORTH CAROLINA, pro-life Sen. Elizabeth Dole won.

--IN OREGON, pro-life Sen. Gordon Smith won handily.

--AND IN MISSOURI, pro-life Sen. Jim Talent won by 23,401

votes over the pro-abortion incumbent in the race that tipped the balance of power in the Senate!!

Neal, your PRO-LIFE VOTES and your PRO-LIFE VOICE made THE DIFFERENCE in this election!

Even in Arkansas where a pro-life incumbent was defeated, incoming Sen. Mark Pryor ran on a family values and faith platform and supported a ban on abortion in most instances.


And you can bet that if these key elections had gone the other way, the top story in the news would be the pro-life defeat.

Now think...

Have you heard ANY analysis like what you just read above?

Your pro-life voice, your pro-life votes (and your prayers) are making a difference!

But what's the next step?"

the article asked the by now out of breath Christian Republican voter.

The next step indeed. Can you guess what the next step was? Can you spell money? Listen closely and you can hear the cash register going ca-ching, ca-ching, ca-ching as all the enthralled Christian Republican prolifers fresh from their moment of wonderful triumph reach into their pockets to take THE NEXT STEP.

This has been going on full blast for election after election after election for DECADES. Over and over again Republican Presidents have intoned solemn words like the ones spoken by RonalD Reagan, who said in his first inaugural address in 1981, "I am told that tens of thousands of prayer meetings are being held on this day, and for that I am deeply grateful. We are a nation under God…It would be fitting and good, I think, if on each Inauguration Day in future years it should be declared a day of prayer."

And today, after all the Republican Nixons and Reagans and Fords and Bushes, and all the countless lesser magistrates and elected Representatives who for decades mouthed words in defense of the least among God's children, over four thousand babies will be legally butchered in the United States of America. And the only thing they will have done throughout their entire life is obey to the very best of their innate ability the decision made by God that they should live.

And the world watches Christian Republicans give lip service to the idea that Christian Republicans are committed to obeying the will of God, committed to the defense of those children conceived by the will of God.

And the world watches as Republicans define that lip server as some kind of proof that Republicans do things in defense of the will of God that are different from Democrats. And, watching, the world knows what is going on here; the world sees those Christian Republicans replace factual information with their own false interpretation of events. And the world smiles in knowing disdain, because the world sees that those Christian Republicans are self-serving deceivers just like the world, just like everybody else playing the major party political game in the USA.

At least, for God’s sake, let us abandon the façade that God and Republicans have any more intercourse with each other than God and the most pagan homosexual Democrat in sheep’s clothing. At least then we will not cause the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to be blasphemed among the Gentiles because of our fleshly need to keep our snouts deep in the federal government trough.