Is God Punishing America?

It appears that the United States of America, like the fate of the Roman Empire, is on the verge of total collapse. Each day, we awaken to news of another environmental catastrophe, another national multi-billion dollar economic scam, another shameless political scandal, or another heinous crime against children. Is the USA being punished by the Creator for its accumulated sins against its own people, against the world and against God?

For most Christians the answer is yes! The USA has reached such extremes of corruption that it is now suffering God's judgement as manifested by the ongoing collapse of the stock market, alternating draughts and floods, unprecedented burning of forests, powerful storms, vicious hurricanes, killer tornados, previously unheard of plagues, rapid increase of AIDS among homosexuals, homeland terrorist attacks, and the most frightening of all are the unsolved abductions and murders of an increasing number of innocent children.

The USA has certainly been "blessed" in the past, but something terrible has gone wrong in recent years that now threatens its very existence. Pure evil is no longer confined to the traditional seamy sectors of society. It is now present inside the "Boardrooms of Corporate America", inside the "Halls of Congress", in the "White House", in "Academia" and yes, even inside "Catholic Churches" where altar boys have been raped by homosexual priests. The USA is now ruled by an "evil cabal" of greedy, corrupt and totally immoral people. The "wake up call" for America's citizens should have been the image that was broadcast over and over of the collapsing World Trade Center towers. Yes, the attendance in America's churches spiked soon after September 11, but now the American people are returning to their old ways. Their lust for money, drugs, sex and entertainment is even greater now than before 911. It is no wonder that the USA is now feeling the increasing wrath of the Lord.

A significant anti-God, post 911, event was the declaration of the "Pledge of Allegiance" as unconstitutional by a three judge panel of the Federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals because it contains the clause "One nation under God". The "evil cabal" that now rules America is moving towards its final "coup d' etat" of America. They are rapidly stripping the USA of everything that once made the nation great and earned it the blessings of the Creator.

This same "evil cabal" is responsible for the proliferation of horrid pornography dealing with bestiality, incest and pedophilia and for the effort to firmly implant sodomites in every sector of society. They are responsible for the current "Ecstasy" drug epidemic among teenagers and for the easy availability of many other narcotics that have destroyed the family and other social structures in many of our communities. The sins of Americans are their partaking of and falling for the "temptations" of this "evil cabal". One result are the horrible crimes we are now witnessing against children. Drug crazed criminals are now abducting, raping and murdering children after being converted into "sexual psychopathic predators" through the hypnotic effects caused by constant viewing of the "evil cabal's" Satanic pornography.

This past Friday, an entire family of four was brutally massacred in their home in South Whittier, California. One of the victims was an 8 year old child who according to police, was horribly sexually assaulted before being stabbed to death. The father, mother and grandmother were also viciously stabbed to death. The entire house inside was soaked in blood. The bodies had been dragged from room to room. At first, police thought that the massacre must have been committed by two or more persons because of the ferocity of the attack. On Monday, the police arrested a 23 year old "family friend" that lives in the neighborhood. One can only imagine the unspeakable evil that drove this person to commit such horrific massacre. What sort of "evil" was responsible? Was the murderer under the influence of some sort of drug? The strength and the mental state of the murderer are incomprenhensible and are certainly beyond the ordinary.

In addition, there is presently a trial underway in San Diego, California against a person charged with the abduction and murder of a 7 year old child by the name of Danielle van Dam. The young child was allegedly abducted from her bedroom during the night. The mother Brenda van Dam had gone with two other women, Barbara Easton and Denise Kemal, to a local bar and did not return home until about 2:10 in the morning. The father, Damon van Dam, had stayed home to babysit Danielle and two of her minor brothers. After a night of drugs, alcohol and what a court witness said to be "dirty dancing", the mother, the two women and two men they had picked up at bar, all came back to the house for some "pizza". Court testimony by the mother and father revealed that all practiced group sex and swapping of partners. The two women and two men allegedly left the house around 2:30 in the morning and the mom and dad went upstairs to bed. In the morning, 7 year old Danielle was not in her bedroom that is upstairs and adjacent to parent's own bedroom . Approximately 20 days later, the nude and decomposed body of Danielle was found adjacent to a road some miles from the home. The person being tried for the murder is a neighbor by the name of David Westerfield.

The above case is another example of why God is punishing America. The case reveals the degree of immorality and depravity that now exists in the USA, examplified not just by the evilness that is being described in court testimony, but in a more significant way, by the totally depraved and shallow arguments being presented on many Internet forums in San Diego by ordinary citizens. One revealing forum is one sponsored by the city's principal dailies, the San Diego Tribune. Here an odd assortment of well to do and middle class San Diegans come to discuss the daily court proceedings and their theories about whether David Westerfield is or is not guilty. Most of the posters in the forum appear to be single women, housewives and grandmas but a few claim to be dads. Most of the participants defend the drug and swapping lifestyles of the van Dam's and their friends and maintain that their lifestyles should have no bearing on the case. Post any comment critical of Brenda van Dam and the fact that she attempted to pick up strange men for a "party" at her home the night her daughter disappeared, and you are asking for an orchestrated attack by at least three or four of the most prolific posters on the forum. To most of these people, using drugs and swapping wives, husbands, girlfriends and boyfriends for sex acts is alright. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the van Dams lifestyle and it had nothing to do with the abduction and murder of their daughter. It is chilling because it appears that these "all American citizens" actually believe it. This is what America has become and another reason why God is punishing the nation.

Another reason I believe God is punishing America is because of the mass killing of women and children in foreign lands. Recently, USA planes dropped bombs on a wedding party in Afghanistan, killing and maiming scores of women and children. Also, thousands of civilians have been massacred in Palestine with sophisticated weapons of mass destruction that the USA taxpayer is making available to the Israeli Army. Lethal Apache helicopters, missiles, smart bombs and other high technology weapons are being purchased by Israel with the over $3 Billion dollars USA taxpayers sent there every year. Again, the "evil cabal" is behind all of this. They are benefiting immensely through the production and sale of these expensive weapons systems. America already paid a heavy price for this with the total destruction of the World Trade Center and is now poised to pay a heavier price if the USA attacks Iraq on behalf of Israel and the "evil cabal". America's young men will definitely be dying in large numbers as in Vietnam. Worst of all, the American homeland will be targeted with nuclear and/or biological terrorist attacks, all because of the deeds of the "evil cabal" that is bringing the wrath of God upon the nation.

Make no mistake about it, God does judge nations. He has done it in the past and will do it in the future. When nations bring shame to the name of God, He punishes them and destroys them. Rome, Greece and the Ming Dynasty have ceased to exist. It is the people, not nations, that God seeks to save. Nations are judged and punished by God when their sins become overwhelming and interfere with the will of God. Tragedies, catastrophes and yes the murder of innocents such as Danielle van Dam and more recently of 6 year old Samantha Runnion are allowed to serve as a warning for the people of a nation to repent and change their wicked ways.

The American people must collectively begin to reject the "evil cabal's" false teachings and seek forgiveness from God for all the nation's sins at home and abroad. The only way to heal from destructive "guilt" that leads to all sorts of addictions is not through Freudian and other modern psychiatric and psychological "headshrinking" but through true and genuine repentance. America must get on its knees and humbly pray for forgiveness to the Son of God, The True Messiah - Jesus Christ. If it does not, the nation and its children will surely perish!