96 Burn at "Drugs-Sex-Rock"
Concert from Hell


Los Angeles, Alta California - February 22, 2003 - (ACN) "It was like a scene from hell" said a 23 year old heavy metal rock fan after she narrowly escaped burning to death, along with 96 others, at a "Great White" concert in West Warwick, Rhode Island last Thursday night. Pictures taken of the crowd, band performers and stage, just seconds before the show erupted in a hellish fire, show freakish signs that perhaps Satan may have been present there that night.

The USA continues to suffer for its immorality and its inequities. The horrific burning of 96 persons just a few minutes before midnight and the burning of the Space Shuttle Columbia some days ago are just two more signs that the universe is governed by powerful forces of "Good & Evil". Not too many Americans are aware of the Satanic roots of heavy metal bands like Great White, Black Sabbath, Twisted Sister, Alice Cooper, Anthrax, Apostasy, Babylon Whores, BludLust, Deadgirl, Demon Realm, Detox Darlings, Devil's Nite Lair, Diablos Satanicos, Dying Fetus, Guttersluts, Infernal Majesty, Judas Priest, Lizzy Borden , Macabre Omen, Napalm Death , Necromantia, Ravens Over Gomorrah, Rotting Christ, Satanic Slaughter, Rigor Mortis and George Bush Jr's favorite Ozzy Osbourne.

Many of the concerts where these bands perform are nothing more than Satanic rituals. The audiences, in most cases, are exhorted to rape and murder in the name of Satan. Lyrics such as the following in the song "Demons" by "Rigor Mortis" are typical:

"We come bursting through your bodies
Rape your helpless soul
Transform you into a creature
Merciless and cold
We force you to kill your brother
Eat his blood and brain
Shredding flesh and sucking bone
Till everyone's insane
We are pestilent and contaminate
The world Demonic legions prevail"

As the fire erupted on Thursday night, "Great White" was singing, "Let's shake this town baby. Come with me. I need a little lovin' company. C'mon now. I know where we can go. This is the time. T'stay out all night. I've gotta fire. Like a heavenly light. C'mon baby. Let's take a drive." The pictures taken just as the fire engulfed the stage show young women with their hands up in the air as if in adoration of the band. One is holding a bottle of beer with something ominous smoking out of it. Behind one of the guitarist, whose burnt body has not been identified, one can see what appears to be the image of a demon within the fire. On the left side of one of the pictures, one can see a macabre image of a skull with the lower jaw missing. In the other picture, there is a strange image of a ghostly arm reaching across the lead singer Jack Russell. Are the signs on the pictures mere coincidences and abstractions?

Certainly, the lyrics of the song "Great White" was singing, as the fire erupted, seem prophetic. "Let's shake this town baby" is an understatement. It is unlikely that West Warwick, which is a few miles for Salem, Massachusetts, has ever been "shaken" as it was last Thursday night. "Come with me. I need a little lovin' company. C'mon now", appears to be an exhortation from Satan himself. "I know where we can go", may be a reference to hell. "This is the time. T'stay out all night", for many there, they will be staying out forever. And finally, "I've gotta fire. Like a heavenly light", sounds like words from the fallen angel Lucifer whose name means light. He certainly did lit up a fire last Thursday night!

Jack Russell, the leader of "Great White" is not new to mayhem. He grew up in Whittier, California where at age 14 he was arrested and expelled from Lowell High School for "having sex" with another student on the roof of the school and at age 18, Russell went to jail for shooting his drug dealer's maid. All in all, Jack Russell has been arrested 53 times.

Many of the lyrics of most "Great White" songs allude to "drugs", "sex with groupies", and "overdoses". One song, "Nightmares", says "Parasites sucking on my veins. Unholy fears are coming true . . . Staring into blackness. Something's waiting there for me." Certainly, that "Something" may be Satan. The song "Psycho City" says "Found myself inside an empty room. Waitin' for the beast to make a move. The devil makes his playground anywhere". Another song, "Wooden Jesus", pokes fun at Mexican-Americans of East Los Angeles because they carry "A wooden Jesus on their dashboard".

Many of "Great Whites" songs speak of "burning" and "fires"! One particular song, "Baby's On Fire", says "Baby's on fire and I'm burnin' up. Sparks bin flyin' an' she can't get enough. Can't get enough but she's got what it takes. Baby's on fire and I got the shakes." Another song, "Burning House of Love", says "Smoke is risin' from the black, comin' out my back door. I'm inside, sound asleep, a cigarette on the floor, burnin' there for love, burnin' there for love. Well, I can still remember a couple of years ago, when the smoke and flame from our name, was a burnin' house of love, burnin' house of love. A burnin' house of love... Burnin' house of love, burnin' house of love."

There is no doubt that we are living in extraordinary times. There are increasing manifestations all around us that seem to be telling us something, however, the meaning of these manifestations is escaping most of us. What is it going to take for the USA to wake up?