Jews make up only two tenths of one percent
of US Armed Forces

Los Angeles, Alta California - November 14, 2003 - (ACN) The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles made a startling revelation today when writer Phil Shuman wrote, "Only some 3,000 out of 1.4 million active duty servicemen and women are Jewish, about two-tenths of one percent. When it comes to Marines, the numbers are even more startling. It’s one out of 1,000. One-tenth of one percent."

What we need to know now are what percentages of these minuscule amounts are actually fighting in the front lines in Iraq, after all, the military assault on this Islamic country is in large part due to the "machinations " of the influential "Zionist Cabal" operating within the Pentagon and at high levels of the Bush Administration. This makes the statements of Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad of Malaysia at the 10th Session of the Organization of the Islamic Conference disturbingly true. The Malaysian prime minister said that "Jews rule the world by proxy" and that "They get others to fight and die for them." Here in Alta California both U.S. Senators are Jewesses yet we have not heard of one Jewish soldier from Alta California dying in the deserts of Iraq.

In comparison, approximately 40% of the US Marines are now of Mexican descent. This is 400 times the number of Jews in the US Marine Corps and most of these Mexican-Americans are non-officer front line "grunts". The 40% approximation of the percentage of Marines of Mexican descent has been hotly debated. The mainstream media argues that it is only about 19% but their figures are obtained from the Pentagon. The Pentagon is notorious for lying about the ethnic background of their soldiers, for obvious reasons. There is an urgent need for an independent and accurate "census" count of all personnel in the US Armed Forces broken down by race, ethnicity, gender, religion, rank, economic status, and military assignments to assure that the military burden does not fall exclusively on the shoulders of Latinos, Blacks, American Indians and economically poor Whites.

The Nassiriya ambush in Iraq where Pfc Jessica Lynch was taken prisoner is a perfect example of who is suffering the casualties in Iraq and elsewhere around the world. All of the eleven US soldiers that were captured or killed in Nassiriya where from economically disadvantaged homes who joined the army to escape poverty. One was a Mexican-American, one a Filipino-American, one female who was killed was a Navajo/Mexican-American, and one who suffered major injuries to her ankles was a female Afro-American. Pfc Jessica Lynch was a poor White teenager from the economically devastated area called "the hollers" of West Virginia.

There is no question that the war against Iraq is being waged, in large measure, at the prompting of Zionist Israel and US Jewry. The other reason is that Bush Jr. and his cronies want to rob the Iraqi people of their oil riches. There is also no question that US Jews are more loyal to Zionist Israel than to the USA. Most hold dual citizenship in Israel and in the USA. They reside here and in many other countries simply to manipulate the countries for their own benefit. They will manipulate the US government to wage war against their enemies and utilize the country's "people of color" and economically poor Whites to die for them in the front lines.