The "Russian" Mob in America

There have been many new developments in Jewish organized crime during
the past few years, and although the mass media have carefully avoided
talking about these developments, never using the word "Jew" and
referring only to "Russian" organized crime when they do occasionally
mention the subject, a new book was published just a few months ago by
Little, Brown and Company, which provides an up-to-date and reasonably
good introduction to the topic of Jewish organized crime. The title of
the book is Red Mafiya: How the Russian Mob Has Invaded America.

Interestingly eno! ugh, the author of the book, Robert Friedman, is a
Jew himself.... And although Friedman adopts the standard media ploy of
referring to the gangsters as "Russians," he really cannot help
revealing that nearly all of them are Jews.

For example, when he comments on the reluctance of the FBI and local
and state police to crack down on the so-called "Russian Mafiya" or
even to investigate it, he notes, and I quote: ". . . [I]n general,
state and Federal law enforcement agencies were loath to go after
Russian mobsters, instead devoting their energies to bagging Italian
wiseguys . . . . And because the Russian mob was mostly Jewish, it was
a political hot potato, especially in the New York area." -- end quote

Friedman even points out that the mainstream, "respectable" Jewish
organizations, such as the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith,
pressured the police agencies to take it easy on their kinsmen in the
Jewish cr! ime gangs, claiming that any publicity associated with
investigations or arrests would -- quote -- "foster anti-Semitism" and
lead the Gentile public to protest against the continued influx of
Jewish gangsters into the United States from the Soviet Union as
"refugees." Even after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991,
however, writes Friedman, and again I quote: "Jewish organizations
continued to lobby the Justice Department to downplay the threat posed
by the Russian mob. 'The Russian Mafia has the lowest priority on the
criminal pecking order,' admitted FBI spokesman Joe Valiquette during
a 1992 interview." -- end quote -- Well, I'm sure it hasn't been too difficult
lobbying the Justice Department to be nice to Jewish gangsters, since
they have been the source of so much campaign money.

The Anti-Defamation League, of course, has a long history of cozy
associations with Jewish crime bosses and with the! FBI, giving the
Jewish pressure group a great advantage in pulling the necessary
strings to shelter the most important of the Jewish gangsters from
prosecution. And it wasn't just the Anti-Defamation League which
sheltered the flood of Jewish thugs, extortionists, murderers, drug
dealers, White slavers, and racketeers pouring in from Russia. The
Jewish religious establishment in America did everything it could to
facilitate the influx. That's a noteworthy point because the Jewish
gangsters are portrayed by apologists for the Jews as being barely
Jewish, Jews with no real consciousness of being Jewish, while the
Jewish religious establishment is portrayed as being a pious bunch of
rabbis, especially the Orthodox Jewish establishment. Actually it was
in the Orthodox establishment that the gangsters formed their most
useful connections.

Friedman points out that the first of the Jewish mob's godfathers in
the Uni! ted States, Evsei Agron, owed his crime career to a politically
connected Orthodox rabbi, Ronald Greenwald. Rabbi Greenwald had gotten
his political connections working for Richard Nixon's 1972 reelection
campaign. He was Nixon's ambassador to the Jewish community. In the
1980s Rabbi Greenwald became mob boss Agron's one-Jew think tank and
facilitator. Mob insiders report that most of Agron's rackets were
planned in Rabbi Greenwald's Manhattan office. A leading mob member in
Toronto, Joseph Sigalov, is also a leader in Canada's Orthodox Jewish
community and the publisher of an influential Orthodox newspaper.

So, if these Jewish mobsters get invited to Democratic Party fundraisers
and serve as advisers to Republican reelection committees and are in tight
with the Orthodox Jewish religious establishment, and if the FBI thinks
they're not really as important as the Italian gangsters, maybe we shouldn't
worry about them either. Maybe they're really not such bad guys. Maybe
they're just nice, Jewish boys who sometimes step over the line and break
the law.

Well, the Italian gangsters certainly don't look at them that way. A
member of the John Gotti gang in New York was recorded with a wiretap
warning an acquaintance: -- quote -- "We Italians will kill you. But
the Russians are crazy -- they'll kill your whole family." -- end quote
-- This view also is shared by policemen who have had to deal with the
Jews. A New York City policeman told Friedman, and I quote: "The
Russians are ruthless and crazy. It's a bad combination. They'll shoot
you just to see if their gun works."

One leading Jewish gangster in the United States, Monya Elson, was a
hit man, a contract killer, before he became a gang boss. He began by
murdering Ukrainians in Kishinev, his ho! me town. Then he went to Moscow
and murdered Russians. Then he came to America and began murdering
Americans. He boasts that he has more than 100 confirmed kills. And
it's not just that the Jews are more ruthless, vicious, and bloodthirsty
than the members of the Italian Mafia. They are smarter, better organized,
better protected politically, and much greedier: While the Mafia is
stealing a million dollars, the Jews are stealing a billion. Finally, there
are many more Jewish gangsters in America than Italian Mafia members.
By the early 1990s there already were some 5,000 hard-core Jewish
gangsters from the former Soviet Union operating in the New York area
alone. That's more than the members of all of the Italian Mafia families
in the United States.

And the Jews are continuing to pour into the country from Russia. The
current flood began nearly 30 years ago, when corrupt politicians in
the Congres! s, working with mainstream Jewish organizations and the
Jewish media, enacted legislation which opened a sewer line from the
Soviet-Jewish underworld to America.

The pretext for giving special status to Jews, for using US economic
power to persuade the Soviet government to permit Jews to leave when no
one else could leave, for allowing the Jews who left to come to the
United States without the usual immigration background checks -- even
for having American taxpayers foot the bill for flying them over here
and then pay for subsidized housing, food stamps, and other special
benefits for them -- all of this was based on the pretext that Jews
were persecuted in the Soviet Union. The mass media over here portrayed
the Jews in the Soviet Union as the principal victims of communism,
rather than as its originators and its principal beneficiaries. That's
an especially egregious example of the Jews' "big lie" technique, in
wh! ich they brazenly stand the truth on its head, because with their
monopoly control of the media there is no one to contradict them.

Friedman interviewed a well-known Jewish gangster in Miami, known to
his associates as "Tarzan." His real name is Ludwig Fainberg. He
came to the United States from Ukraine, a country whose natives have
traditionally hated the Jews, for very good reasons. Fainberg is not a
religious Jew, but he certainly is very Jewish, the kind of Jew the
real Ukrainians instinctively despise. But was Fainberg persecuted in
Ukraine? Hardly. Friedman reports, and I quote: "To . . . [Fainberg]
being Jewish simply meant having certain privileges. 'Jews were the
richest people in town,' he told me. 'Jews had cars, Jews had money,
Jews lived in nice apartments. We were comfortable. My mother had
nice clothes and jewelry. We took a vacation once a year to Odessa, a
! stunning city with a boardwalk and gorgeous beaches. It was filled with
mobsters and entertainers. It was a city with a Jewish flavor.'" -- end
of quote -- Fainberg is describing his life as a Jew in Ukraine in the
1960s and 1970s at the height of the supposed persecution of Jews by
the communist regime. There was persecution, all right, but it was the
Ukrainians who were persecuted by the Jews, not the other way around.

The same story is told by other Jewish gangsters. Marat Balagula, the
Jewish godfather of organized crime who succeeded Evsei Agron in New
York after the latter was assassinated, also came from Ukraine. He told
Friedman, and I quote: "Jews had some of the best positions in the
country, they were the big artists, musicians -- they had big money."
-- end of quote --

The Jewish criminals -- and the Jews generally -- were happy with the
situation in the Sovi! et Union, because it allowed them to exploit the
Russians and the Ukrainians. They already were living high on the hog
in the Soviet Union when their Jewish kinsmen in the United States
opened the border to the Promised Land for them, and they seized the
opportunity to live even higher on the hog.

The collapse of communism made things worse for the real Russians
and Ukrainians, because it destroyed the order in their countries and
allowed the Jews to run wild, plundering and pillaging at will. But it
did not dampen the desire of many of them to come to the United States
and plunder and pillage even more. Friedman quotes Boris Urov, formerly
the chief investigator of major crimes for the Russian attorney general.
Urov said, and I quote: "It's wonderful that the Iron Curtain is gone, but
it was a shield for the West. Now we've opened the gates, and this is very
dangerous for the world. Am! erica is getting Russian criminals. Nobody will
have the resources to stop them. You people in the West don't know our
Mafiya yet. You will. You will!" -- end quote

The name of the game in Russia after the breakup of the USSR in 1991
was "privatization." It was praised by the bought politicians and the
controlled media in the West as a giant step toward a free-enterprise
society, with inefficiently managed state-owned enterprises and natural
resources being sold to private businessmen, who, spurred by the profit
motive, would manage everything much more efficiently, resulting in a
great increase in Russian productivity and prosperity. That was the
theory. Actually, privatization was a massive looting of Russia's
wealth by the Jews. The Jewish bureaucrats inside the government made
"sweetheart" deals with the Jewish mobsters outside the government, who
in any case were the only citizens with the! capital to buy anything.

Everything which previously had been owned, in theory, by all the
people collectively and managed by the state ended up in the hands of
the Jews, and the Russian people had nothing, not even in theory.
Instead of becoming more prosperous, the Russian economy has declined
every year since the end of communism in 1991. The Russian people have
been reduced to a state of beggary. While Russian and Ukrainian
peasants kill one another fighting over a few potatoes in the fields,
in Moscow and St. Petersburg and Odessa Jews cruise the boulevards in
their Mercedes, wearing diamonds and furs, eating in glitzy restaurants
where a meal costs more than a real Russian earns in a month, and
patronizing sex clubs stocked with beautiful Russian women.

The Jews aren't even trying to use the stolen wealth of Russia to get
the country back on its feet. Like a plague of locusts they have
devoured everyt! hing they could, and the rest they have moved out of the
country. Hundreds of billions of dollars of Russia's capital is taken
out of the country every year by the Jews as the looting continues.
It's not just that they want to be the richest people in a rejuvenated,
capitalist Russia. Their greed is purely destructive. It's a grab-and-run
operation. When the US government, through the International Monetary
Fund, sends billions of dollars in loans to Russia, it simply disappears.
The Jews squirrel it away, and it's never seen again in Russia. And over
here the politicians pretend that they don't know what's going on.

But they do know what's going on. The CIA's spies send a steady stream
of reports back to Washington. They reported that Boris Yeltsin and the
crowd around him were all on the take and were controlled by the
Organizatsiya. But the Bush and Clinton administrations pretend! ed not
to know. All the Bushites and the Clintonistas cared about was that
Yeltsin was the candidate being promoted by the Jews in Russia -- and
of course, by the Jew-controlled media over here -- and so they promoted
him too.

Of course, with all of the Jew-controlled media in Russia pushing hard
for Yeltsin, and with plenty of vote-stealing going on, Yeltsin was
reelected, and the looting of Russia continued.

And in America the Jewish mob has continued to consolidate its power.
The Miami gangster, Ludwig Fainberg, was really gloating when he
explained to Friedman the difference between the Jewish situation in
Russia and the American situation and what the Jewish gangsters have
in mind for America. The Jews of Russia are cunning predators, he
explained. That's the way they have survived the hard conditions there
for centuries. But the Americans are soft and trusting, like sheep rea! dy
to be fleeced and slaughtered. American laws were made only to be
broken by the Jews.

A New York police detective lamented to Friedman, and I quote: "Why
are we being victimized by non-citizens who can run to Israel or Russia
and can't be extradited? The Russian gangsters have told me that
they've come here to suck our country dry. . . . How did the Russian
mob become so entrenched? They are into Social Security, Medicare, and
Medicaid fraud. Why is it that every ambulance service in Brooklyn is
run by the Russian mob? Why are so many of their doctors practicing
without a license? They have invaded Wall Street from boiler-room
operations to brokerage houses. Nothing is too small for them to steal.
Even the guys with the multimillion-dollar Medicare scam still have to
have their food stamps." -- end of quote --

I'll add two comments to Friedman's report on Jewish organi! zed crime
in America. First, it will not be stopped. The FBI has essentially put
the Italian Mafia out of business in the United States during the past
decade, but it won't put the Jewish Mafiya out of business, and the
reason is that the Jews have vastly more money at their disposal for
corrupting the system than the Italians ever did, and America is
rapidly becoming as corruptible as Russia.

In fact, I have a strong suspicion that the reason the FBI suddenly
made a major effort to cripple the Italian Mafia was to make room for
the Jews. The Italians and the Sicilians thought they had the fix in,
but the Jews trumped them with a bigger fix. In the sort of country
America has become since the Second World War, any criminal
organization run by intelligent men with hundreds of billions of
dollars at their disposal to corrupt the system -- and with the
protection of the mass media -- can't be stopped by governmental

My second comment is that the Jewish Mafiya does not operate in a
vacuum. It operates within the Jewish community as a whole. It operates
with the support of the Jewish establishment, from the Anti-Defamation
League of B'nai B'rith to Hollywood and the New York Times. It also
operates with the support of the Christian establishment, from Billy
Graham up to the Pope. These support groups won't put up a fuss if the
FBI arrests a Jewish contract killer or a Jewish extortionist or two
now and then, but any realistic effort to stamp out the whole kehillah
will have all of the support groups screaming bloody murder. To use
other words, what we must deal with is not a criminal problem but a
Jewish problem. The problem will be solved only after this fact is
generally understood. Meanwhile, the American sheep had better resign
themselves to a good fleecing.