Child sex murders and condoned
Internet "kiddy porn"
February 6, 2004

Perhaps today, when the latest news of yet another case of child abduction and murder is still fresh in the public's mind, it is optimal to release and publish this editorial. We hope this editorial will cause outrage in fathers and mothers as well as in school teachers and law enforcement.

Possibly, the information we provide here, will spark an investigation into the wide-open child pornography web sites on the Internet with headquarters in Florida that are run by a network of pedophiles with connections to Israel. These web sites, operating with impunity, are essentially feeding the sexually sick and murderous desires of people like Joseph Smith who was just arrested in Sarasota, Florida for the kidnaping and murder of 11 year old Carlie Brucia.

The disturbing information exposed here was primarily obtained from two sources. The first source was personal communications with Congresswoman Gladys Lange Highland of Venezuela by our staff writer Miroslava Flores concerning an article first published in "La Jornada" of Mexico City involving the "child sex trade" of South and Central American children to Israeli and USA pedophiles. The second source is Bruce Harris who is the Regional Director of Casa Alianza in Latin America. Casa Alianza (Covenant House) is an organization that defends children’s rights in Latin America and which has been in the forefront of exposing the Israeli/USA network of pedophiles, many in high places of society.

Venezuelan Congresswoman Gladys Lange Highland was the first person that exposed the Florida based "kiddy porn" web sites that have existed for many years in the open and that appear to operate with the protection of powerful elements within high levels of US society. In an interview with "La Reforma" newspaper of Mexico City, Congresswoman Gladys Lange Highland pointed out a series of child pornography web sites operated by two Jews with ties to Israel who go by the names of Jeff Libman and Marc Greenburg. These two Jewish pedophiles operate their "kiddy porn" business under Florida's corporate laws through a business entity named WEBE WEB Corporation. The corporation changes its address often. Presently they give their address as P.O. Box 480027, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33348. Before this they were using 7020 S.W. 22nd Court, Suite D, Davie, Fl 33317 as their address. WEBE WEB Corporation operates about 13 "kiddy porn" websites in the open that exhibit, among many, the following photographs:

The above photographs, which are changed often, of underage girls as young as 7-year olds are among hundreds that appear on the web sites operated by WEBE WEB Corporation of Florida. WEBE WEB Corporation also owns hard core adult Internet domain names. Two of these are and

The operators of these websites are making money by selling even more explicit photographs and videos of the underage age girls to pedophiles and by charging for access to other portions of their websites. This "selling of innocence" to perverted pedophiles is done in the open and, as far as we know, no one is doing anything about it. There is presently no moral outrage concerning this exploitation of children here in the USA. How many more Carlie Brucias, Samantha Runnions and Polly Klaases must there be before the country begins to clean up and seriously "STOP" the many causes of child sexual murder. One reason may be that the media as well as law enforcement are "paralyzed" to act because these pornographers are Jews and have ties to Israel. There may be a fear of being labeled antisemitic. We just do not know.

It is not known whether the parents of the above children in the photographs are involved in the exploitation. It may be that the parents themselves are not aware that these photographs are being exhibited, for pay, to pedophiles on the Internet or it may be that the children are essentially just sex slaves. No ones knows because law enforcement nor the mainstream media, as far as we know, have investigated or reported on these "kiddy porn" web sites that eventually lead people like Joseph Smith to act out their perverted sexual fantasies.

Another excellent source of information for the writing of this editorial was Mr. Bruce Harris of Canada. As the Regional Director of Casa Alianza of Latin America, Mr. Harris has been in the front lines of the battle against sexual predators of South and Central American children.

On November 28, 2003 our publication sent out a news bulletin titled "Jewish ring involved in kidnapping and trafficking Latino children" in which we reported information from Bruce Harris that an Israeli citizen who managed a Costa Rica sham adoption agency was under INTERPOL investigation for child kidnapping and murder. Rolf Salomon Levy Berger, also known as Rafael Leyva or Rafael Levy, founded the bogus International Adoption Resources Foundation in Costa Rica to trade in children. This same agency has offices in Boca Raton, Florida, where Levy is the “international coordinator”. Levy, who resides in Miami Beach, Florida, also faces a Colombian arrest warrant for illegal actions between the year 2000 and 2002. In the INTERPOL report, he also is accused of the theft of babies. Many of these kidnapped children are perhaps later reared in secret locations in Florida to be utilized in profitable "sex businesses" such as for the web sites that are run by WEBE WEB Corporation.

One of the most horrific reports from Mr. Bruce Harris was that of "snuff videos" of Costa Rican children in the possession of yet another Jew from Florida. On June 14th, 2003, Mr. Harris reported that an American Jew by the name of David Sussman, age 42, had been arrested after landing in Chile on a flight from Costa Rica. According to the sex crimes division of the Chilean police, one of the tapes was a "snuff" video containing sadistic acts on children. The subject also carried US$ 12,000 in undeclared funds plus nine other "kiddy porn" videos in his luggage. Chilean police deported David Sussman to Panama where has was supposed to be turned over to Florida authorities for prosecution. Nothing was ever heard again on the outcome of any prosection by the State of Florida and no mainstream newspaper or other news service ever reported on the incident. This is one reason our publication believes that these child pornographers are being protected by high level and powerful elements within the state of Florida.

We ask, what is the connection between Jeff Libman, Marc Greenburg, Rolf Salomon Levy Berger and David Sussman, all from the state of Florida? All of course are involved in criminal activity involving children, but are all members of the same network? How about Joseph Smith, also of Florida, who a few days ago kidnapped 11-year old Carlie Brucia and than murdered her. Joseph Smith was part of the Florida "sex underground" who had been arrested numerous times for possession of illicit drugs. He was living with three local strippers. Did someone pay him to kidnap Carlie Brucia? Did someone like David Sussman, with a lot of money, pay him in order to produce a "snuff video"? A horrible thought but a very likely possibility. Until the profits are taken out from the "sale of innocence", there will be incentives for the Libmans, Greenburgs, Levys and Sussmans of this world to continue perverting and exploiting children; children not just in South and Central America but here in your front yards as well.

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