Officially revealed:
Germans will be subjected to the Holocaust Industry's extortion racket for all eternity

German leaders have willingly sold future German generations as holocaust-tax-slaves and have successfully outmaneuvered and check-mated themselves

DIE WELT - March 15, 2001, page 2:

"German enterprises will never get legal security"

Berlin - German firms will never get legal security [from being sued by Jewish claimants for compensations], prophesied Klaus von Münchhausen. The political scientist is one of the initiators of the compensation fund for forced labourers. He himself represents nearly 4000 ex-forced labourers. Guido Heinen interviewed him for DIE WELT.

DIE WELT: The pursuit for legal protection/security before American courts of law, by German companies has stirred up discussions again. How realistic are such expectations by the German side?

Klaus von Münchhausen: As long as there is no signed treaty, based on international law, all hopes for concluding final peace under the law, will be in vain. The "statement of interest", issued by the American Department of Justice, is meaningless and there will always be judges who will not be impressed by this statement. Two American states, New York and California, have only in 1999 introduced a new law which permits class actions until 2020.

DIE WELT: What you are saying is that the "statement of interest" of the American Department of Justice is not sufficient?

Klaus von Münchhausen: I expect that all organisations, representing the victims, to admit themselves to the pursuit of final peace under the law. If the word of an American lawyer really is worth anything, and such pledges have been made, then we have come closer to peace under the law than ever before. But the Jewish Claims Conference, representing all American victim-organisations, is doing nothing to support this goal. More over, the Claims Conference supports an ever increasing number of new claims against German enterprises. And this will continue forever.

DIE WELT: According to the German law for the compensation of forced labourers, the German parliament ("Bundestag") must declare that peace under the law has been reached before any money is allowed to be paid.

Klaus von Münchhausen: The "Bundestag" can, of course, formally declare that peace under the law has been reached, but it will never happen in reality. Nobody can be stopped bringing forward new law suits or to open, as much as they like, new cases for compensation.

DIE WELT: You say only an agreement, based on international law, could remedy the matter. But such an agreement is not desired by Germany.

Klaus von Münchhausen: Of course not, because such an agreement would become an agreement on reparations and would therefore open the flood gates for claims. Since Germany insists on a voluntary character regarding compensation payments, based on moral responsibility, she can only admit herself to agreements as these ones. But the German economy will never achieve peace under the law with this procedure.

DIE WELT: One of the main aims of the recently signed agreement is, to preserve the German economy from harm.

Klaus von Münchhausen: This is actually impossible to achieve. It wouldn't work simply because these class actions are supported by massive economical interests. The truth is, Americans like to buy German quality, cars or fridges, for these products last much longer than American products. What we experience right now is nothing but a concealed economical war.

It is not compensation but extortion and holocaust toll
It is an economical war, raging under the guise of so-called holocaust moral

The German political elite milk their people dry in order to pay tribute to the Holocaust Industry and to other victors of World War II. They have not only formally adopted the allied atrocity propaganda but even granted these lies a constitutional rank. Thus, they have shackled the German people in chains of holocaust-toll-slavery for all eternity. By protecting allied war-propaganda-lies constitutionally, the German stooges of the Holocaust Industry have even deprived themselves of the prospects of signing a peace treaty with former enemy nations. If Germany signs a peace accord the entire nation would be stripped of all its assets and be doomed to labour for its feudal Jewish and American lords in order to pay up as yet, inconceivable amounts.

"It is ... the Holocaust industry’s falsification of history that fosters Holocaust denial." (Prof. N. Finkelstein in the very influen-tial German daily "Süddeutsche Zeitung" on Sep. 9, 2000, p. 17)

The Torah-True-Jews proclaim: "[The Zionists] provoked and increased anti-Semitism in Europe which led to the 2nd World War ... The world-wide boycott against Germany in 1933 and the later all-out declaration of war against Germany [were] initiated by the Zionist leaders and the World Jewish Congress ... The Role of Zionism in the Holocaust ... The Zionist leaders were 'spiritually and physically responsible'."

The Germans, as the victim nation, would have to deliver unlimited billions and bullions of reparation payments because the legal basis for this are the victor's propaganda lies, protected under the German constitution. Henceforth the Germans have surrendered their rights to reject even the most ludicrous reparation claims. The Allies’ willing German governments, have even protected the LIE that Germany (The Reich) was guilty of starting World War II despite the fact that on September 3, 1939 France and Great Britain declared war on the Reich. With this type of disgusting, obsequious politics, post-war Germany has not only sold its future German generations as holocaust-tax-slaves to the Holocaust Industry and to the victors, but she successfully outmaneuvered and check mated herself.

The extortion racket of the Holocaust Industry is backed by the German holocaust-denial-law which keeps the entire nation shackled. Any rejection of financial holocaust claims constitutes a crime under this section of the German penal code. The state and the people would commit the "crime of igniting racial hatred" if they refuse to pay. A refusal of payment can only be reasoned by asserting that the crime either did not or had not occurred to the claimed extent. Such an objection, however, is "holocaust denial" in Germany and therefore a crime. Anyone can now understand the German holocaust-denial-law better. A law, the Germans have gagged and bound themselves to.