12/09/2004 02:42 PM ID: 45002

Tehran Times says Al-Jazeera 'an asset of Israeli Intel'

The Tehran Times says that rumors which arose during the 1997 founding of the Qatar-based Al-Jazeera network, that suggested it was established by U.S. and Israeli agents 'to present a bad image of Islam to the world', appear now to be validated.

The Times say the actions of the network have over time revealed that that Al-Jazeera 'acts on the orders of Zionist agents', trying to divide Islamic countries and to increase anti-Muslim sentiment in the world, which ultimately, benefits Israel.

Since "the beginning of the U.S. attack on Afghanistan, Al-Jazeera became the Tribune of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda terrorist groups in order to give the world the impression that those terrorists represented real Islam." The Times say it is 'PsyOp'.

Source: www.tehrantimes.com