"Cardinal" Hoyos: SSPX is Part of New Church!

This is absolutely hilarious: Hoyos says that the SSPX is inside the Church, is in Partial Communion with Rome!
But the real question is: how will hard-core SSPX adherents receive this news, because, of course, communion with the New Church is the last thing they want! But then, they do want it, sort of, because, after all, they claim they are in communion with the Holy See -- just not the "Holy See," you know. As Bishop Williamson "clarified" in his Schismatic Thoughts for December 2005, they are in communion with Rome, just not with "Rome." So, "Cardinal" Hoyos may have just scared the average SSPX adherent away: they want no association with the New Religion, yet Rome is now threatening them by saying they are part of the New Church! (Rome itself does not distinguish between Rome and "Rome," you see.) One can only pity the SSPX. Due to their continual refusal to decide whether, if Rome is only "Rome," it then follows that the Pope is only "the Pope," they are now caught between a rock and a hard place. Rome is about to offer them "more perfect" and even "fuller" communion--but do they even want that? Not Bishop Williamson! Not the average SSPX adherent! Bishop Fellay maybe. Both the Vatican and the SSPX are all over the map on this one. But one thing is clear: the SSPX, like Campos now, will soon be an official part of the Novus Ordo Establishment--as we predicted!

Note: Finally a frank admission that the ecclesiology of Vatican II is new, as in "unheard-of" in the Church's Magisterium until 1958. It's a ridiculous theology, of course, where now people can be "more or less" in communion, i.e. in degrees of communion. The truth is, of course, that one is either inside the Catholic Church or outside her; one is in or out of communion with her.