"Let your committment to Truth be so great
that whatever persecution you receive from adhering to it
will bring you pleasure."
Tupper Sausey

Am I become like an enemy, by speaking the truth to you?
Galatians 4:16 - Fenton's Literal Bible

      These were originally taken from William "Bill" Cooper's fine tome "Behold A Pale Horse", (Light Technology Publishing, P.O. Box 1495, Sedona, AZ 86336) however, we found some interesting intros to each Protocol in Victor Marsden's much more comprehensive book,"The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" (Originally published in 1934 - available from SONS OF LIBERTY, P.O. Box 214, Metairie, LA 70004). We also were able to include a Conclusion from Nilus' Epilogue (1905 Edition) that Bill failed to include. We thought we would clear up something that William stated in his intro to this heinous document...

      First of all, we applaud Bill for exposing these to so many through his awesome book. Interestingly, we note that in his "Author's Note" that he erroneously states that these Protocols are a product of the "Illuminati" and not the world Jewish (Zionist) leaders . . .       We can only gather from this (2) possible reasons for this entry from him:

      1. that he hasn't properly done his "homework" and adequately researched the Historical Truth concerning their origins, or

      2. that he did this in an effort to gain a wider distribution of his book and avoid attacks from powerful Jewish leaders and control groups such as the ADL etc...

      We have found that there is much confusion concerning the True origin of the Protocols. BeWISE will simply state for the record, that they are what they say they are, and they are definitly from the Jewish (Talmudic / Masonic / Zionist) leaders and rabbinical in their essence and "mind-set". They were not meant for "public consumption" and caused a huge panic within the Jewish community. As a result, the Jewish leaders have seen fit to spend BILLIONS of dollars for "damage control" in a pathetic effort to deceive the masses of "goyim" that the Protocols are not a Talmudic/Jewish plan to acheive total world control. This is absolutely ludicrous! Unfortunately even many of our Christian/Patriot/fellow freedom-fighters have bought these massive LIES, and are therefore not fully aware of just who their physical enemies are. Tragically, they are unable to effectively understand much less combat the devastating agendas of the NWO.

      However, because many people HAVE done the required research, know and understand these agendas - and more importantly - possess the tremendous courage to disseminate information about their True nature, we see the Talmudic/Judaists again feeling the need for still more damage control. Note the April '95 issue of "Readers Digest". It featured an article titled "This Lie Will Not Die" by an obvious Talmudic front man, Lawrence Elliot, and it was filled with such LIES and dissinformation that it was truly laughable to read. It is incredible the lengths that they will go to deceive the masses. This "Lie will not die" simply because it IS the Truth! And the Truth shall stand in the end no matter how it upsets the religious apple carts of the world.

      The controlled media, 'Hellyweird' and the publik & private fool systems treat the American people like mushrooms: Keep 'em in the dark and feed 'em manure! But again, more and more of us "mushroom people" are waking up to the Truth...

Some more quick notes about the word "goyim" . . .

      It is important for True followers of Christ to realise what this word means in the WORD of GOD and also how these Talmudic Conspirators define it in the Protocols, and the Jewish "Talmud" For this, BeWISE calls on the Biblical expertise of a dedicated brother in the Christ Yahshua, whom we feel covers this quite well... Jack Mohr writes in "Who Are The Gentiles?"

      It is generally taught in the Christian churches of America, that the world is divided into three main religious groups - Jews, Gentiles and Christians.

      These religious groups teach that anyone who is not a Jew, must belong to one or the other of these remaining groups, and is either a Gentile or a Christian. The modern definition of a "gentile" as given in Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary is: "relating to the nations at large, as distinguished from the Jews."

      But here is something important you MUST know, if you are to understand the Bible. The word GENTILE is not used in any of the ancient manuscripts, simply because there was no such word in the Hebrew or Greek languages. The word GENTILE as used in our modern Bible versions, including the "much loved" King James Version, in the Old Testament, always comes from the Hebrew word "goy," (singular) and "goyim", (plural). It is translated five different ways in the Old Testament, according to Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible; "goy or goyim (singular or plural)", a foreign NATION hence GENTILE; also figuratively, a troop of animals or a flight of locusts. Usually translated (1) GENTILE; (2) HEATHEN; (3) NATION, and (4) PEOPLE, or (5) ANOTHER."

Notice that the Hebrew word "goy, or goyim," is NEVER translated to mean "non-Jew."...[or "anyone other than a Jew" the way that our modern "Judeo-Christian" preachers and clergy-people love to have us believe. -BeWISE].

      The word "goy" is found in the Old Testament some 557 times. Thirty times it has been translated GENTILE; eleven times as "people"; 142 times as "heathen"; 373 times as "NATION", and one time as "ANOTHER". But not once as "non-Jew."

      The Talmudic definition that is used by the Protocols is "non-Jew"... in fact, they more specifically mean: "cattle", "chicken", "sheep" or some other animal. To the Talmudic/Masonic/Judaists who authored both the TALMUD, and the PROTOCOLS, anyone who isn't a Talmudic Jew, is considered less than human - like an animal fit to be milked or beefed.

      BeWISE prays that you will learn the differences between "Jews", "Judahites", "Israelites", "Hebrews", etc. We encourage you to hold these Truths up to the Light of the WORD - and other properly researched information - so you will begin to understand.

      May our Heavenly Father bless you through the Holy Spirit for checking this out. Please pass on the information as much as possible!

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