1,188 Americans Killed in Iraq - Your Son Will Be Next
Republican Guard still controls eighty-five percent of the country
Copyright Joe Vialls, 11 February 2004
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            According to a well-placed Pentagon source, the White House and corporate media are reporting less than half the actual American military deaths in Iraq. As of 3 February 2004, the 'official' media total stood at 528, while the real total at midnight on the same day was 1,188. This criminal discrepancy in the fatality figures is not the fault of soldiers on the ground in Iraq, but of corrupt civilians in the Pentagon working for Paul Wolfowitz Inc. The Pentagon officer explained it like this.
            "If a soldier is completely dismembered by a bomb, then he is dead. Likewise, if a soldier is hit by a full burst of machine-gun fire, then he also is dead. The problems start when the medic [on the ground] is not quite sure whether the injured soldier is dead or not. We all like to save life if possible, so if the medic believes there is the faintest glimmer of hope, the injured soldier is sent immediately to the nearest [medical] aid station."
            "The split-second that soldier is removed from contact [wherever the incident took place], he is officially listed as 'wounded', regardless of whether he then dies 3 seconds or minutes or hours or days or months later, as a direct result of injuries sustained in the contact. Deaths in transit to the U.S., or after soldiers return home are also excluded completely, or become 'accidental deaths'. This is how Wolfowitz and his people massage the figures, and how the American public is misled."
            Initially these comments sound suspiciously like an angry senior officer exaggerating the case in an attempt to have his unit prematurely withdrawn from the Iraqi killing fields. However, as the officer carefully went on to explain, his claims are borne out and substantiated by the very different way in which the corporate media reports civilian deaths in Iraq.
            A good recent example was the synchronized twin-bombing in the northern Iraqi city of Irbil, which targeted the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan [PUK], and the Kurdistan Democratic Party [KDP], both of which groups work in tandem with the American Central Intelligence Agency [CIA], in an ongoing campaign to undermine Iraqi 'resistance' in the north of Iraq.
            Most readers will remember being told that 56 people were killed in the twin-bombing, which was the corporate media 'official' figure you were all supposed to remember permanently. Then just a few days later the BBC issued a very quiet, almost unseen, and hard-to-find update on its website, advising, "The death toll from the weekend's twin suicide bombings in the northern Iraqi city of Irbil has risen to 101".
            Fine, this seems to be an honest reappraisal of the situation, until you realize that the BBC is an integral part of the corporate media establishment, trying desperately hard to convince the British and American publics in particular, to go "all the way with the USA" in the cynical run-up to their respective Parliamentary and Presidential elections later this year.
           To get a better feel for the acute level of danger American, British, and Australian servicemen face in Iraq, we are obliged to look at the reportage of the same event from a relatively 'neutral' country,  in this case Pakistan, a largely cosmetic ally of America. There are two Pakistani journalists stationed in northern Iraq, both Muslim, but with no particular axe to grind where either the Muslim Kurds or Muslim Iraqis are concerned. This is how they reported exactly the same event.
            "Over 400 people were killed when two suicide bombers blew themselves up at two Kurdish party offices in the northern Iraqi city of Irbil on Sunday morning, a Kurdish minister said. About 160 people were believed to be killed in the attack at two Patriotic Union of Kurdistan [PUK] offices and about 80 others at the Kurdistan Democratic Party [KDP] office. Among the dead was the Deputy Governor of Irbil province" ... "At the time of the bombings the offices were packed with hundreds of people celebrating the Eid al-Adha" [a Muslim festival].
           The real truth probably lies midway between the BBC and Pakistani reports, say 250 dead from a single precision asymmetric operation. We can cut these Pakistani journalists a little slack for using the term 'suicide bombers', because just like all other media outlets in Iraq, this is what they are automatically led to believe by the Zionist spin-doctors.
            For as long as you the public can be made to believe that 'suicide' or 'suicide car' bombers are responsible for these attacks, your brain involuntarily forms a series of flashing mental images of tiny bands of 'terrorists' desperately fighting a rearguard action, but who, in the fullness of time, will be totally overwhelmed by vastly superior American, British, and Australian forces. There is not even a tiny hint of the reality that 85% of Iraq is still effectively controlled by the Republican Guard.
            What would happen in America today if you were allowed access to the truth? What would happen if you managed to work out for yourself that in order to arrive at the real figures, you first needed to increase the level of risk from 56 to 250 for every single attack since the illegal invasion began, i.e. if you knew the actual risk to your loved ones since March 2003 was five times as high as that reported by the American corporate media. Would you be angry? Of course you would! The public backlash would be so savage, that even the most corrupt of politicians on Capitol Hill would be obliged to bring the troops home.
            More than 15,000 [yes, fifteen thousand] American servicemen have already been critically injured in this completely insane Zionist attack on the birthplace of civilization, but Wolfowitz and the corporate media never allow you to catch a glimpse of even one of them. These physically deformed and sometimes psychologically tormented creatures, who used to be proud American soldiers, have been deliberately scattered far and wide across the land, a cynical technique that ensures they stay well hidden among 288 million other Americans.
           The controlled media propaganda has been so complete and so overwhelming, that initially it seems almost impossible to reverse it in order to expose the unacceptable harsh reality, which is simply that eighty-five percent of Iraq is still controlled by 50,000+ members of the Republican Guard, all of them [originally] trained in asymmetric warfare techniques by Russian Spetsnaz instructors.
            Now think about this very carefully people, in particular think about the numbers. What they mean in simple terms is that for every 2.2 inexperienced American infantrymen exposed in full view across the length and breadth of Iraq, there is one carefully hidden and highly trained Iraqi equivalent of a Fort Bragg Green Beret. The Iraqi Special Forces teams have all the cover, know their own areas intimately, have plenty of food, are armed to the teeth, and take no chances whatsoever. They kill Americans on their own terms whenever they want to, which means that the war of attrition is strictly a one-way affair against the invasion forces. The reason you probably do not know this already, is because of deliberate endemic disinformation peddled night and day by the Zionist-controlled corporate media.
           The most blatant and continually recycled lie is that 'foreign insurgents' and 'al Qaeda terrorists' are to blame for western soldiers being killed and critically injured in Iraq, but nothing could be further from the truth. Veteran journalist Robert Fisk trashed this lie completely when he visited Baghdad Airport several weeks ago. Out of approximately 5,000 prisoners held at the airport, less than 200 were non-Iraqis, of whom Fisk reported, "more than ninety-percent were already living and working in Iraq before the invasion". The truth of the matter is that the Zionists are now frantic to complete their impossible dream of stealing Iraq's oil reserves, and intend to sacrifice your son in an illegal 'war' that can never be won.
           To properly understand Iraq today, we need to look briefly at how the Republican Guard handled the initial invasion, why its members abandoned all of their armored vehicles, and why they deliberately left the Gates of Baghdad open for the American invaders. Then we need to examine the vast arsenals of Iraqi conventional weaponry available to the thousands of small Republican Guard counter-insurgency teams, and some of their asymmetric warfare techniques. Before we do that, let us first work out 'who is who' in this unequal contest, because propaganda used by the western corporate media has led to considerable creative confusion.
           Though the New York Times and others would have you believe that Iraqis fighting to free Iraq from illegal occupation are "insurgents", this is not correct. America, Britain and Australia illegally invaded a sovereign nation state recognized internationally as such, then undermined, imprisoned or expelled members of Iraq's recognized government, while committing gross acts of terrorism including mass murder against Iraqi nationals. By strict legal as well as moral definition, America, Britain and Australia are the "insurgents" in Iraq. Those Iraqis who try to defend their families against these gross acts of terrorism on their own sovereign territory, are "counter insurgents".
            Try not to be sidetracked by meaningless mumbo jumbo about "Weapons of Mass Destruction", or accusations of President Saddam Hussein committing heinous crimes within Iraq, for both are creative media red herrings. In the first case, America has more weapons of mass destruction than any other nation on earth, and in the second, internal criminal behavior is a national matter, and not a lawful excuse to invade a sovereign country. For example, I currently live in Australia, where obsequious Prime Minister John Howard takes his orders direct from the Zionist Lobby in New York, which amounts to high treason under Australian constitutional law. But distasteful and unlawful though they may be, Howard's proven crimes at the internal national level, do not give China or North Korea a legitimate excuse to invade this sovereign country.
            Ever since 1991, Iraq has known that America intended to invade one day, and thus had plenty of time to make elaborate preparations. And as each year passed by after that, with American bombs wantonly raining down and murdering their women and children in  the illegal northern and southern "No Fly Zones", Iraqi determination to fight back grew, especially on the part of the Iraqi Military High Command. It was obvious to the generals that Iraq could never hope to defeat American air superiority, nor could it defeat modern American battle tanks like the Abrams, so from late1996 onwards, Iraqi strategy and tactics became exclusively asymmetric.
            Crude old-fashioned chemical weapons of the kind Iraq and Iran fired at each during the eighties were a strict "no no", because their very presence would be the only excuse the Zionists would need to shower Baghdad, Tikrit, and Mosul with tactical nuclear weapons. Accordingly, old chemical weapon stocks were destroyed, while at the same time Iraqi military personnel distributed vast quantities of conventional weapons to thousands of different [mostly buried] caches across the country.
            By late 1999, the Iraqi military had achieved what many western observers might well think was impossible. Because of the widespread caches and multiple bunkers, members of the Republican Guard would never be more than ten miles away from a weapon supply. Each basic cache contains high explosives for culvert bombs, radio detonators, basic remote control kits for cars and light trucks, rocket propelled grenades, hand grenades, mortar bombs, light machine guns, assault rifles and ammunition.
           That is not all. Every tenth cache has another 'special' cache nearby, with each of these containing a different mix of specialist weapons, which vary from area to area depending on projected defense requirements. These weapons include [but are not limited to] spin-stabilized artillery rockets , high performance Kornet anti tank missiles, SA-7 Strela-2 and SA-16 Igla-1shoulder-launched heat seeking missiles, and intermediate altitude Roland [class] surface-to-air missiles with special optical guidance. Note carefully that every individual piece of equipment in every cache across Iraq, can at all times be manhandled by no more than three members of a Republican Guard counter insurgency team.
           Shortly after American forces invaded from Kuwait, the world got its first taste of just how devastating Iraqi asymmetric defense would be for the duration of the occupation, though few in the west realized what they were actually looking at on television, because of disinformation hastily applied by the corporate media. Like ghosts rising from the mists, Republican Guard Special Forces teams were everywhere one second, and then gone the next. The whole thing was ethereal.
           Suddenly with no warning the road erupted under an American convoy, blasting a medium truck twenty feet up in the air, its occupants falling back to earth like broken rag dolls. Next it was the turn of the formerly 'invincible' Abrams M1 battle tanks, several of which had lethal holes punched through them by laser-guided missiles fired from foxholes more than three miles away. The Iraqis had left all of their inferior T-72 tanks parked at the barracks to be later 'captured' by American forces on CNN television, and instead were using the very latest Russian Kornet laser missiles to destroy American armor.
           And so it was that the invaders were spooked and seriously stalled by a relatively tiny number of highly qualified defenders, though not for too long. Convincing though the Spetsnaz techniques were, they were used only to persuade the America authorities that the remnants of Iraq's army were desperately trying to stop the invasion forces from reaching Baghdad, when the opposite was true. In reality, the Republican Guard needed to suck American forces into Baghdad as quickly as possible, but could not afford to make its intent too obvious.
           Once inside Baghdad, the oversize American tanks were useless, barely able to turn their turreted 120-mm main guns, and functionally unable to use them at point blank range. They and their lesser armored troop carrier equivalents required vast quantities of fuel and spare parts, which all had to be brought in by multiple exposed supply convoys from Kuwait, making the latter vehicles sitting ducks for any Iraqi civilians with access to a basic rocket propelled grenade launcher [RPG], and a grudge against Americans. There are more than 2 million RPG-toting civilians in Iraq, and they all have a grudge against the American invaders.
           Baghdad is a very old city with a vast complex of underground sewers and bunkers, which were booby-trapped well in advance by the Republican Guard. Thus the Baghdad underworld was and still is completely controlled by Iraqi counter insurgency forces, who from time to time place underground weapons [essentially culvert bombs] in sewers under buildings like the UN, with devastating effects.
           The corporate media hastily tells you these attacks are launched by 'suicide bombers', but this is a creative lie. On the relatively rare occasions when car or truck bombs are used in locations that cannot be easily reached from sewers or drains, they are either positioned in advance for remote detonation, or guided the last few hundred yards to their targets by crude remote controls, manufactured before the invasion from Iraqi Air Force spare parts. In all cases, detonation is by radio remote control, ensuring that valuable Republican Guard personnel are not placed at risk from the ensuing blast.
             In like manner, the corporate media's 'roadside bombs' are also a lie. In the flood plains of the Euphrates and Tigris rivers, every Iraqi road has hundreds of culverts [big bore underground pipes] that allow floodwater to flow under from one side of the road to the other, or drain away. Thus from the viewpoint of American convoy drivers, the 'sides' of the road ahead look completely clear, as indeed they are, right up to the point where the tarmac road surface itself suddenly explodes underneath one of the vehicles, triggered by radio remote from an unseen foxhole more than three miles away.
            Those Iraqis who collaborate with the invaders are considered prime targets by the counter insurgency teams, as indeed they would be in Houston or Miami if the Chinese invaded America to inject a hefty dose of compulsory communism into your children. What would you do if some obsequious traitor down the street started helping the Chinese troops to strip search your wife and children? This is identical to the situation in Iraq today, where Americans [especially the CIA] humiliate and abuse innocent women and children in front of their fathers or husbands, during their brutal conversion to compulsory Zionism.
            Any Iraqi willing to help the invaders against his own people, as a quisling 'policeman' or in any other capacity, is viewed as being far worse than the invaders themselves, branded a traitor and listed for execution. It is only gullible Americans who believe the insane New York propaganda that Iraqis want compulsory Zionism. Take it from me, they do not. Saddam Hussein kicked the Americans and British out of Iraq back in 1972, and the Iraqis really enjoyed being freed from the imperial yoke. Now the yoke has arrived for a second time wearing American military uniforms, and they intend to get rid of it again.
            Nowadays predictably isolated inside fortified firebases located within major Iraqi cities and towns, Americans became more and more unwilling to venture out into the country by road, because of the excessive risks to life and limb. It is Vietnam all over again, with massive quantities of American military personnel rendered virtually powerless by highly motivated local residents, all determine to drive the Americans away from their wives and children, and eventually out of the country.
           Unfortunately, Wolfowitz and the other Zionists crazies are not about to give up on their impossible dream of capturing and suborning the birthplace of civilization itself, regardless of how many American soldiers have to be ruthlessly sacrificed along the way, including your own father, husband or son. As predicted by the Iraqis long before the invasion, when road convoy deaths reached an unacceptably high level, America promptly commenced "Vietnam Phase 2" and started saturating Iraq with troop carrying helicopters, all of them flying very low, and each nervously popping magnesium flares to decoy heat seeking missiles.
           The Republican Guard saw it all coming in advance, and dispatched some of their Special Air Units [SAUs] to the weapons caches, to recover a few dozen SA-7 and SA-16 shoulder-launched heat seekers, out of a total missile count known to exceed 4,600 units. Most of these weapons have been converted for dual-role target acquisition and tracking. Sure the missile initially acquires its target by sniffing the hot infra red exhaust gases of the helicopter, or even the infra red of its magnesium flares, but after launch, each of these devious little Russian equalizers automatically switches to ultra-violet tracking and kill, against which American helicopters have no defense.
           Remember that we are not dealing with fictional corporate media 'al Qaeda terrorists' here, but with a highly disciplined force of professionals, most of them fit enough [and intelligent enough] to survive many weeks of grueling Spetsnaz Special Forces training. These men will not expose themselves unless they are certain of target acquisition, and they will not fire unless certain of successful tracking and kill.
           As if things were not already bad enough for Americans, they are about to get a whole lot worse. Frightened by angry rumbles from deep within the Pentagon about getting America's premier military units back home out of harm's way, the war criminals on Capitol Hill have authorized unprecedented numbers of reservists and national guardsmen to take their place, "A huge rotation of US forces is under way in Iraq that will see more than 100,000 reservists and national guardsmen deployed in the largest and most hazardous reserve mission since the Vietnam War". [Pentagon]
            Put another way, in order to placate an increasingly hostile and potentially very dangerous 'West Point' patriotic mindset inside its military structure, America's Zionist minions in Washington are sending inexperienced bank managers, store clerks and the unemployed to replace experienced full-time line troops in Iraq, who themselves are currently facing more than 50,000 incredibly dangerous Spetsnaz-trained Iraqi Special Forces.
           Those reservists and guardsmen interviewed by the corporate media have bravely if somewhat stupidly stated they will "do their duty for America", though many must be vaguely wondering by now what a Zionist attack on Iraq's sovereign oil reserves has to with America at all. Because they have been watching events unfold on CNN, several of these reserve units have been rather ingeniously fitting home-made armor plating to the sides of their jeeps, to protect themselves from 'roadside bombs' after they arrive. Sadly, no one had told them that CNN's roadside bombs are a creative propaganda myth, and that no homemade armor plate on earth can withstand the vertical shock wave from an Iraqi culvert bomb.
            These reservists are mere cannon fodder, designed to buy time while academic Zionists try to think of other ways of stealing Middle East oil. As you might expect, no one in New York gives a damn how many reservists get blown sky high by culvert bombs, or shot down by heat seekers.
           It is difficult to estimate how much longer ordinary Americans and the regular American military will stand for this rubbish, and the reckless squandering of lives in a foreign land by officials who long ago voided the American Constitution, in their desperate and unlawful attempts to secure America and the world for an insane Zionist 'One World Order'. There is no shortage of names for the war crimes trials, and these are just for those particular war crimes committed against the American People.
           We already have Bush, Cheney, Perle, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Rice and a few others to share the limelight, to be followed into the dock by lesser criminals on both sides of American politics, i.e. every single American politician who illegally 'approved' this murderous invasion of a sovereign country, in stark violation of all international protocols and international law.
           Those readers who find it difficult to believe that the day of reckoning is fast approaching for those who have dared to undermine America's stability and security, and who continue to breach her constitution, should take a very long hard look at Russia in the early nineteen-nineties. This was a nation that had been under incredibly tight control since 1917, its citizens apparently beaten into a submissive pulp. But their spirits had not been crushed, and they could still tell right from wrong.
           In the October of 1993, a mixed crowd of Russian civilians and heavily armed military officers and men laid siege to their own White House in Moscow, which in turn was defended by another group of heavily armed citizens and soldiers. Regardless of the politics involved, the bottom line is that the Russians had finally decided to take their own country back from a tiny elite that had driven them to collective ruin, and the entire recovery process at the White House started with breathtaking speed.

           The net result of that 1993 action is a new Russia, that today is completely different from the old. Under the stewardship of President Vladimir Putin, the Russian people have regained much of their self respect, are paid proper wages, and they no longer have to worry about fraudulent Zionist banks and Zionist-controlled corporate media outlets. In fact the Russians don't have to worry about any Zionists at all. Those Zionists who have not been prosecuted for criminal fraud have been chased out of the country, and nowadays sit in London or New York wailing about 'Russian injustice'. Americans who may be considering similar action in Washington, should not be deterred by the implied threat of military reprisals, for it is most unlikely there would be any. For the first time in more than a hundred years, the forbidden words "coup d'etat" are being whispered by a  range of  officers in that most dangerous rank band of all, from Major to Brigadier General. These officers are young enough to remember the oath they swore to defend America and her constitution, while at the same time being senior enough to command considerable respect among the lower ranks. One senior officer has already quietly suggested that it might be appropriate to try corrupt American politicians and officials by military commission, in the political 'al-Qaeda prison camp' located at Guantanamo Bay. It is an attractive idea, but we will have to wait and see.