Berg decapitation video was filmed inside the Abu Ghraib prison


Los Angeles, Alta California - May 16, 2004 - (ACN) There is now ample evidence that the video showing the decapitation of 26 year old Nicholas Berg of Philadelphia by purported Al queda members is a complete fraud. The real Nick Berg may or may not be dead, but the heavily edited video is nothing but a fake. This is the conclusion of La Voz de Aztlan after a frame by frame analysis and the conclusion of hundreds of film, medical and other experts world wide who downloaded, viewed and analyzed the video as well. Literally thousands of persons world wide requested the video, which is rapidly disappearing from the Internet, after our news service published "Nick Berg decapitation video declared a fraud by medical doctor" on Wednesday May 12 and which was linked by other independent news services on the World Wide Web.

With the advent of the Internet, computers and sophisticated programs it has become increasingly difficult for governments to "pull the wool" over the eyes of their citizens. The Internet has essentially allowed freedom loving people around the world to form communication networks that can now out compete the best intelligence government agencies or special operations groups. This has certainly been the case with the hastily released and shoddy video showing five phoney Al queda members participating in the decapitation of Nicholas Berg that was intended, exclusively, to defray attention from the scandalous sexual abuses of Iraqi POW's that took place at the Abu Ghraib prison outside Baghdad. Evidence in fact shows that the Berg decapitation was filmed inside the walls of the notorious Abu Ghraib prison, this cursed dungeon where probably Satan himself roams its corridors.

It is now known that the opportune decapitation video was first uploaded from London, England to a now defunct website in a server located in Malaysia. The website at was shut down as soon as conservative news outlets like CNN and Fox News were notified. These two news services wasted no time in coming out with headlines like "Islamic Terrorists Decapitate an American in Iraq". Within minutes, local news services from New York to Los Angeles were screaming "Muslim Animals Chop Off the Head of an American" and were showing only short segments of the fake video. Pro-Zionist radio stations in Los Angeles have spent literally days since then talking about the Muslim barbarians and why it is so important to support the war in Iraq.

La Voz de Aztlan became mighty suspicious when we first saw a photograph of the purported Nicholas Berg sitting in front of his captors on a white plastic chair that looked very familiar. In addition, the orange prison overalls he was wearing in the video looked mighty familiar as well. La Voz de Aztlan is very lucky that we have a very large readership base that utilizes both e-mail and our "News-Tips Form" on our home page to send us information. Within minutes we were sent the URL where we could download the entire and original video of Nicholas Berg's decapitation. Immediately after viewing the video, we knew that many things about the video just didn't look right and which defied simple logic.

Some peculiar anomalies became readily apparent after watching the video and others followed after careful analysis. Many of the anomalies were pointed out to us by our readers who responded after downloading and viewing the video themselves. Please refer to the photographs published, along with this article, on our website at as these anomalies are described and enumerated below:

Photo 1 - frame from phoney video
Photo 2 - Guantanamo orange overalls
1. Notice the standard US Military Police issued prisoner overalls that Nicholas Berg is wearing in Photo 1. The orange color prisoner overalls that Nicholas Berg is wearing are identical to the ones Islamic prisoners are made to wear by the US Military Police at the Guantanamo, Cuba prison as shown in Photo 2.

Photo 3 - Compare this chair with Photo 1
2. Notice the white plastic chair that Nicholas Berg is sitting on as shown in Photo 1. It is identical to the white plastic chair that the now infamous Pfc. Lynddie England is sitting on at the Abu Ghraib prison as shown in Photo 3. This same white plastic chair can also be seen in the horrid photograph where an MP is sodomizing an Iraqi POW with his finger at the upper right corner of Photo 4. In addition, it can be seen on the lower left side of Photo 5.

3. The color and texture of the wall as shown in the frames taken from the video as shown in Photo 1 and Photo 6 are the same as those of the Abu Ghraib prison shown in Photo 4.

Photo 4 - Look at wall, chair and cap encircled
Animated Photo 7 -This is the most damning evidence
Photo 9 - Back of military jacket of person poking his head from the right
4. The most telling evidence that the video of the decapitation of Nicholas Berg was taken inside the Abu Ghraib prison can only be detected by performing a frame by frame analysis. La Voz de Aztlan did just that and some revealing frames came up that are difficult to see if the video is played on normal speed. Towards the end of the video, at frames 9306 through 9368, a person with a US military cap temporarily pokes about a quarter of his left head into the video. His neck, left ear and part of his cap and visor can be seen. We have prepared an animated gif with just the relevant frames that clearly shows this at Animated Photo 7. Look at the right hand side as someone with a military cap, possibly with a second video camera, pokes his head into the video. Also, Photo 9 shows part of his military jacket. Compare this animated gif with the MP whose cap is circled on Photo 4.

Photo 5 -Look at white plastic chair
Photo 6 - Five phoney Al queda terrorists from a video frame
Anyone who views the video will see that it is phoney. The five so call terrorists are phoney. The one on the extreme right in Photo 6 is pudgy and is wearing very clean tennis shoes. This will not be the case with an Al queda fighter. Also, Photo 6 shows that at least three of them are wearing Israeli Uzi ammunition clips. The Uzi can been seen when the operative on the extreme right adjusts the assault rifle. Look at the garb that all five are wearing. They look like Halloween costumes.

For the time being, the mainstream media is totally ignoring the above evidence. Hopefully soon some brave mainstream publisher will dare to bring this important information to the American people. The nation needs to know who was and what really happened to Nicholas Berg.