Lenni Brenner

Zionism in the Age of Dictators

A fine book, out of print, analyzing the mirror relations between the then small Zionist movement and dictatorial powers. Each
chapter is an html file.


List of abbreviations

Chapter 1 : Zionism and antisemitism prior to the Holocaust, 62K

Chapter 2 :Blut und Boden : the Roots of Zionist Racism, 25K

Chapter 3 : German Zionism and the Collapse of the Weimar Republic, 31K

Chapter 4 Zionism and Italian fascism, 1922-1933, 19K

Chapter 5 German zionism offers to collaborate with nazism, 34K

Chapter 6 The Jewish anti-Nazi boycott and the Zionist-Nazi trade-agreement, 58K

Chapter 7 Hitler looks at Zionism, 34K

Chapter 8 Palestine -- The Arabs, Zionists, British and Nazis, 36K

Chapter 9 The World Jewish Congress, 16K

Chapter 10 Zionist-Revisionism and Italian Fascism, 45K

Chapter 11 Revisionism and Nazism, 28K

Chapter 12 Georg Kareski, Hitler's Zionist Quisling before Quisling, 21K

Chapter 13 Choosing the Chosen People -- The doctrine of 'Zionist Cruelty', 27K

Chapter 14 The World Zionist Organisation and Italian Fascism, 1933-1937, 25K

Chapter 15 Austria and the 'Gentile Friends of Zionism, 18K

Chapter 16 The Jewish Parties of Eastern Europe, 20K

Chapter 17 Spain -- The Nazis fight, theZionists do not, 14K

Chapter 18 Zionism's Failure to Fight Nazism in the Liberal Democracies, 16K

Chapter 19 Zionism and the Japanese East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere, 12K

Chapter 20. Poland, 1918-1939, 39K

Chapter 21. Zionism in Holocaust Poland, 37K

Chapter 22. Zionist Collusionwith the Polish Government-in-Exile, 16K

Chapter 23. Illegal Immigration , 23K

Chapter 24. The Wartime Failure to Rescue, 65K

Chapter 25. Hungary, the Crime within a Crime, 36K

Chapter 26. The Stern Gang, 17K