Clinton turns U.S. Foreign Service over to the Racist Jewish Mafia.

The U.S. Foreign Service is made up of 164 Embassies worldwide. However,
Clinton has named jews as ambassadors to the most important countries in the
world. This give the International Racist Jewish Mafia tremendous influence to
promote their  "special agenda". Never before in American history have so many jews
been appointed as U.S. Ambassadors. They are all members of powerful Jewish
organizations. These are hardened supporters of the Satanic state of Israel. It is
impossible for them to put the interests of America ahed of their Zionist state. Non would hold
these ambassadorships unless they were members of the rulling Jewish elite. Here is their
listing which you will never see in the daily press.

OUR JEWISH U.S. Ambassadors:

GERMANY - Ambassador John C. Kornblum
COMMENT: Germany has long been seen as an adversary of the Jewish Mafia.
Thus a Jewish Ambassador places them under direct Jewish pressure.

FRANCE - Ambassador Felix Rohatyn
COMMENT: Rohatyn is the former partner in the Jewish Lazard Freres
investement bank.
In September the French oil company, "TOTAL", invested $2 billion in
the production of oil in Iran. Rohatyn is seeking to veto this project due to Israel's
hostility toward Iran.Rohatyn said; "Globalization doesn't carry a threat, but it carries

POLAND - Ambassador Daniel Fried
COMMENT: Chester Grabowski, editor of the Polish Post Eagle, and others
urged Clinton to name a Polish American. This plea was ignored. There has never been a
Jew ambassador to Poland before as Jews hold an animosity toward Poles. This is
consider as a gross insult. Regardless, Fried jokingly said, "I will now have to brush up on
their language".

DENMARK - Ambassador Edward E. Elson
COMMENT: The family Elson made a fortune in textile business and are big
contributors to the Democratic Party.

HUNGARY - Ambassador Donald M. Blinken
COMMENT: Budapest has the largest Jewish population in Europe, some
125.000 jews, only exceeded by Paris. Thus Blinken can protect their financial

ROMANIA - Ambassador Alfred H. Moses
COMMENT: At one time Romania was ruled by an all-Jewish Communist Party
under Anna Paulka. Six members of the Rumanian Senate, three of them priests,
objected to Clinton 's 1994 appointment of Moses starting that he was closely
connected to the fallen Communist Ceausescu regime.

BELGIUM - Ambassador Alan J. Blinken
COMMENT: Antwept, Belgium is the diamond capital of the world next to
Tel Aviv. The diamond business is totally jew-controlled. Blinken is related to
the Blinken ambassador to Hungary.

BELARUS - Ambassador Kenneth S. Yalowitz
COMMENT: Belarus is located between Poland and Russia. It once had a
huge Jewish population. They still have interest there.

SOUTH AFRICA - Ambassador James A. Joseph
COMMENT: The jewish Oppenheimer family controls this gold mining capital
of the world. The jewish-run South African Communist Party and the ANC now
control the goverment and loyally do the bidding of the gold interests.

NORWAY - Ambassador David B. Hermelin
COMMENT: Hermelin is a Michigan multi-millionaire real estate developer
and president of the World Jewish ORT Union. His owns Palace Sports and Entertaiment,
The Palace of Auburn Hills and the Pine Knob Music Theater.

SWITZERLAND - Ambassador Madeleine M. Kunin
COMMENT: Kunin is the former Democratic governor of Vermont. Her four
children attended a Hebrew school. The New York Times of Oct. 4, 1997 says she,
"doggedly pursues the Swiss on the issue of gold for holocaust survivors".

INDIA - Ambassador Frank G. Wisner
COMMENT: This economic powerhouse has long sided with the Arabs against
Israel and needs more Zionist control.

TURKEY - Ambassador Marc Grossman
COMMENT: Turkey is the only Middle East border country with a military
alliance with Israel. They pose a threat to Syria and Iraq over long simmering
border dispute.
One must recall how they used armed might to seize one-third of Cyprus.
Also, the Turks are related by blood to the Khazar Jews.

NEW ZEALAND - Ambassador Josiah H. Beeman

EGYPT - Ambassador Daniel C. Kurtzer
COMMENT: Egypt is the recipient of the second largest amount of U.S.
foreign aid. This is to "buy off" Israel's southern front. Any hostility toward
Israel woud end the aid.

SWEDEN - Ambassador Thomas L. Siebert

MOROCCO - Ambassador Marc C. Ginsberg

SINGAPORE - Ambassador Timothy A. Chorba

ZAMBIA - Ambassador Arlene Render

BRAZIL - Ambassador Melvyn Levitsky
COMMENT: This is South America's largest country and economic
powerhouse. Jews have huge investiments here.

BOLIVIA - Ambassador Curt W. Kamman
COMMENT: This is another mineral rich country; copper Magnesian, lead, etc.

MEXICO - Ambassador Jeffrey Davidow
COMMENT: Davidow was formerly Assistant Secy.of State for South America
under Albright.

CANADA - Ambassador Gordon Giffin
COMMENT: Thus Clinton has given both our border neighbors, Mexico and
Canada, to jewish operatives.

CUBA - U.S. Interest Head, Michael G. Kozak
COMMENT: One would think that this nation would have a Spanish Catholic
"Interest Chief" instead of a Jew????

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