1462. Rinn, Innsbruck.

A boy called Andreas Oxner was bought by the Jews and sacrificed 
for his blood on a stonein the forest. 
The body was found by his mother in a
birch-tree. No Jew was apprehended because, the border being
near, they had fled when the crime was made known. The Abbe
Vacandard, defender of the Jews, says there was no trial.
Well, of course there wasn't. Even in 1937 there is no trial
for a crime where the criminals have escaped! The boy has
been sanctified by Pope Benedict XIV in his Bull Beatus
Andreas, Venice, 1778, which says he was " cruelly
assassinated by the Jews in hatred of the faith of Jesus
Christ." This last is admitted by Pope Clement XIV, who
wrote his report on the investigation he made into the
matter of Jewish Ritual Murder when, as Cardinal Ganganelli,
he had been commissioned by Pope Benedict XIV to go into the
matter; and in this report, he says "I admit the truth of
another fact, which happened in the year 1462 in the village
of Rinn, in the Diocese of Brixen, in the person of the
Blessed Andreas, a boy barbarously murdered by the Jews in
hatred of the faith of Jesus Christ." No one questions the
historical occurrence or this case. An engraving on wood
representing the Ritual Murder still exists in the church.

The church canonized him. A chapel called "ZUM JUDENSTEIN"
(To the Jews' Rock) was built (Acta sancta. III. July Vol. 1,
472) More information can be obtained from: Fr. Kaplan Gottfried
Melzer, Loreto Apostolat, Postfach 80, A-4540 BAD HALL - Austria.

Beatus Andreas of Rinn was venerated as martyr from 1475 until
1965, when the cult was suppressed by order of the Racist Zionist
Mafia in collaboration with their Marranos friends in the Vatican.
The cult was suppressed in harmony with the modern Church's policy
of abandoning its current tradition in favor of modern Judaism.
These are some ritual murders which are known. Hundreds of thousands
children disappear every year in the world, perhaps some of them
victims of zionist ritual murder which remain undiscovered.