Here is their name and position in the U.S. Goverment:


Madeleine Albright - Secretary of State

Robert Rubin - Secretary of the Treasury

William Cohen - Secretary of Defense

Alan Greenspan - Chairman of The federal Reserve Bank

Dan Glickman - Secretary of Agriculture

George Tenet - CIA Chief

Samuel Berger - Head of National Security Council

Evelyn Liberman - Head Voice of America Radio

Stuart Eisenstat - Under Secy. of State for Europe

Charlene Barshefsky - U.S. Trade Representative

Susan Thomases - Chief Aid to First Lady

Gene Sperling - Head National Economic Council

Ira Magaziner - Head National Health Care Policy

Peter Tarnoff - Deputy Secretary of State

Alice Rivlin - On Board of Economic Council

Janet Yellen - On Board of Economic Council

Rahm Emanuel - Presidential Policy Advisor

Doug Sosnik - Counsel to President

Jim Steinberg - Deputy National Security Council

Robert Weiner - Drug Policy Coordinator

Jay Footlik - Special Liaison to Jewish Community

Robert Nash - Presidential Personal Chief

Jane Sherburne - Presidential Attorney

Mark Penn - Asian Expert on Security Council

Sandy Kristoff - Health Care Chief

Robert Boorstine - Communications Aide

Keith Boykin - Communication Aide

Jeff Eller - Special Assistant to president

Tom Epstein - National Health Care Advisor

Judith Feder - Member National Security Council

Richard Feinberg - Asst. Secy. of Veterans Affairs

Hershel Gober - Deputy Head of Food & Drug Adm.

Steve Kessler - White House Counsel

Ron Klein - Asst. Secretary of Education

Margaret Hamburg - Director of Press Conferences

Karen Adler - Director State Dept. Policy

Samuel Lewis - Member National Security Council

Stanley Ross - Member National Security Council

Dan Schifter - Director of Peace Corps

Eli Segal - Deputy Chief of Staff

Jack Lew - Deputy Director Management and Budget

James P. Rubin - Under Secretary of State

David Lipton - Under Secretary of the treasury

Lanny P. Breuer - Special Counsel to the President

Richard Holbrooke - Special Representative to NATO

Alan Greenspan - Chairman of Federal Reserve Bank

Kenneth Apfel - Chief of Social Security

Joel Klein - Deputy White House Counsel

Sidney Blumenthal - Special Advisor to First Lady

David Kessler - Chief of Food & Drug Administration

Seth Waxman - Acting Solicitor General

Mark Penn - Presidential Pollster

Dennis Ross - Special Middle East Representative

Howard Shapiro - General Counsel for the FBI

Lenny Davis - Hvite House Special Councel

Sally Katzen - Secretary of management and Budget

Kathleen Koch - Heads FBI Equal Opportunity Office

John Podesta - Deputy Chief of Staff

Allan Blinder - Vise Chairman of Federal Reserve

Jannet Yellen - Head Council of Economic Advisors

Joseph Stiglitz - Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers

Ron Klain - Chief of Staff for Al Gore

Carol M. Browner - Heads of the Environmental Protection Agency


Clinton is a weak, corrupt and immoral President, married to a jewish "First Lady"

Hillary "R". Clinton. With racist jews controlling Hollywood, the Media, he has

given them total power to keep himself in the White House.

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