International ANTI-RACIST Congress

Draft for the organising of the Anti-Racist Congress.

We are a group of Christians concerned with the current attitude of the
Media and Governments towards the crimes being committed by Zionism.
In fact- as the events in the occupied territory of Palestine show - the evil forces
within the Israeli Government and International pro-zionist groups who are disregarding
the much proclaimed "International law" and continuously committing crimes against
humanity. We believe it is our duty to do all we can to denounce the antisemitic,
racist crimes of satanic Zionism.We have therefore decided to organise the
International Anti-Racist Congress - against the satanic state of Israel.
The purpose of this letter is to ask You to support the organizing of the congress.

We need Your financial support!

We would be grateful if You would consider helping us in finding witnesses to

and evidence of Zionist crimes (persons who are ready to testify personally, through
written statements, via audio tapes, with photographs and /or video tapes) in the following area:

1) Crimes against the people of Palestine, murder of Palestinian women and children.

Disrespect of the so called "international law" (UN resolutions). Since 1948 the satanic
state of Israel have murdered 6.000.000 Palestinians. Stop the Palestinian holocaust.

2) How Mossad and the Racist Jewish Mafia operates in the world, their connection with

organised crime, drugs and narcotics distribution, pornography and bribery of Intelligence
Services and Governments throughout the world.

3) Control on part of the International Racist Jewish MAFIA of Banks and International

Financial Institutions, World Bank, IMF, etc.

4) Infiltration and control on the part of the international Racist Jewish MAFIA

of so-called "Christian" organisations, and
both left and right-wing political groups to use them as puppets.

5) Repression and terrorization by the Racist Jewish MAFIA against non Zionist Jews.

6) Assistance in compiling a list of the Racist Jewish MAFIA and Mossad controlled organisations and associations world-wide.

7) Economic control by the Racist Jewish Mafia of Moslem and Christian organisations with the aim of neutralising them.

8) Control of the Racist Jewish MAFIA over freemasons in general and secret masonic or pro-masonic groups such as the B'nai B'rith, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg Group.
The task is gigantic but truth and justice are on our side, and as Edmund Burk once said "There is only one way to ensure the triumph of evil and that good men do nothing…"


Stop Mossad terrorism!

Make copies of this advertisement and spread the copies among your relatives,
friends, co-workers, students and ask them to have it

run in their local newspapers.

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