When the time of the anti-Christ begun

In September 1999 the Jewish year 5760 begun.
It was the year of the Hebrew Messiah!

The year of the
His number is 666.
The Goyim-world enslaved!

The Hebrew language has no actual numerals. Numbers are represented by letters. The Hebrew "V" or "VAU" e.g. represents the number "6". Jewish prophesies (those 90% who call themselves Jews are really Khazars and not Jews) are almost entirely Cabbalistic fantasies bordering on the insane, which are pushing the world to the brink of disaster. Cabbalism is not a matter of the past, quite the contrary is true: "The influence of the cabbala has remained predominant." [1]

The number "6" plays a vital part in all of this. Jewish Cabbalists insist this to be Yahweh's number, a sinister power, which Judaism calls God. A God who, according to the Old Testament, curses, kills and destroys. Genuine Jews, like some Sephardim, the Torah-True-Jews [Neturei Karta Movement] and the "Liberal Synagogue", do not identify themselves with the Cabbalistic Khazars and their image of "God".

The letters in the Hebrew-word "Messiah" added up, according to Cabbalistic interpretation, give the sum of 666 – i.e. three times "V". However, Messiah is an English word and it is spelled different in Greek. Its origin is the Greek language: MEISSIAS. Now we want to take that name in the Greek alphabet, add it up and see who the Jews are waiting for so fervently:



















This number is known throughout the world as the sign of the Anti-Christ, the mark of the beast, it also signifies the year in which the Messiah will enslave all non-Hebrews: "When the Messiah comes, all will be slaves of the Jews". (Talmud, Erubin 43b)

"This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man's number. His number is 666." (Revelation 13:18) In autumn 1999 the Hebrew year 5760 begun. Add the digits of that number and see what the number is: 5 + 7 + 6 + 0 = 18 (three times 6) - the year of the beast.

Mark of the Beast

The Cabbalistic meaning of the number 18 (as a compound number, 666) was disclosed to us by a spiritually sympathetic Rabbi, who defined the number "as a 'rayed moon from which drops of blood are falling; a wolf and a hungry do are seen below catching the following drops in their opened mouths, while still lower a crab is seen hastening to join them. It is symbolic of materialism striving to destroy the spiritual side of the nature. It generally associates with ... war, social upheavals, revolutions; and in some cases it indicates making money and positions through wars or by wars. It is, however, a warning of treachery, deception by others, also danger from the elements such as storms, danger from water, fire and explosions. When this compound number appears in working out dates in advance, such a date should be taken with a great amount of care caution and circumspection." It means, that, as from the year of the Hebrew Messiah, the world will be stricken by pure materialism that "strives to destroy the spiritual side of nature". Under the reign of Satan with the beginning of the 666-era (1999), wars and destruction shall shake and devastate the world. We tasted a bit of it since the stooges of the anti-Christ arranged the 911 attack. Interestingly, exactly 911 days after the WTC attack, the train stations of Madrid had become the targets of another Satanic mass murder. The holocausts on Afghanistan and Iraq speak volumes.

Let us now see who carries the MARK OF THE BEAST


6 (of the six million)

The Cabbalistic numbers of the word Israel are as follows:

The Cabbalistic numbers of the word Jews are:

The symbolic figure to prove the Cabbalistic prophecy.

1 3 2 1 5 3 1 5 6 3 6 is the established figure

The compound number of Israel is: 15 (1+5 = 6)

The compound number of Jews is: 15 (1+5 = 6)

Jews, Israel and the 6 million is one thing, is Jewish existence!

6 6 6

"The mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name. That calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man's number. His number is 666." (Revelation 13:16-18)

The War-Criminal Winston Churchill, devoted to the Cabbalists, introduced the Cabbalistic 6 (the Hebrew letter V) to the Goyim world as the "V" for ‘Victory sign’. The naive Goyim have taken over this evil symbol, not realising that by showing it, promoting the Cabbalistic aim to subjugate the world.

The Cabbalistic 6 and the holocaust

In the Hebrew-text of Torah-prophesies it states: "You shall return." In that text the letter "V" or "VAU" is missing (which also stands for "6"). The researcher Ben Weintraub was informed by Rabbis that the missing "V" (= the missing 6) was the foreshadowing of the "6 million". Therefore, the prophesy: "You shall return", is interpreted as: "You shall return minus 6 million." [2]

This self-imposed prophesy led to the "6 million-prophecy-crash" in 1919. Based on the Balfour-Declaration of 1917 the state of Israel was guaranteed, and the Diaspora-Jews would return to the "Promised Land". The leading Jews at that time expected 1920 a migration of their brethren into "their Land". But, before the return could take place, "6 million" of them had to disappear, according to prophesies.

In fact, Jewish organisations proclaimed already in 1919 a "6 million-holocaust", taking place in the Ukraine: "Six million men and women are dying; eight-hundred-thousand children cry for bread. And this fate is upon them through no fault of their own, through no transgression of the law of God or man; but through the awful tyranny of war and a bigoted lust for Jewish blood. In this threatened holocaust of human life ..." [3]

Since the global political situation was such, that the founding of the state of Israel was not possible and other Cabbalistic criteria did not match at the time, the whole "6 million" idea of 1919 was simply put on ice. However, the fulfilment of this prophesy is now taking place in the courtrooms of Europe, where verdict after verdict against critical historians, serve as "judicial notice" proof that the holocaust-version of "6 million" Jewish victims murdered in the "burning ovens" of the Nazis "took place". Meaning, that the prophesy is fulfilled and the "Chosen People" own the promised land rightfully under the Cabbala.

Those "6 million", which must be missing in order to completely evict the Palestinians from their land or to wipe them out entirely, was Yahweh's way of cleansing the Jewish souls of all sins, since a return of sinful and unclean souls is not permitted. The cleansing of the "chosen" souls was to be administered in "burning ovens" according Talmudic tenets: "God said: Could I forget the holocaust-victims? Rabbi Tanchum, Chanilias son said: In the hour, when Hananja, Misael and Asarja stepped out of the burning ovens, the people of the world came together to strike the haters of Israel in the face." [4]

Zalman Grinberg, who chaired the "Munich Conference of Liberated Jews" on January 27, 1946 revealed: "We sacrificed six million people as an offering." [5]

Do we have to understand now, that "6 million" had to disappear in the "burning ovens" of Auschwitz (who quiet possibly stepped out of them again, as the Talmud says), in order to be worthy of returning to the "Promised Land", cleansed and pure and, at the same time, to break the resistance in many parts of the world against the Hebrew-leadership, aiming for world dominance? Since the Jews went allegedly through the crematories of Auschwitz, the world "strikes all haters of Israel in the face", as we all know. Since the second holocaust with its "burning ovens" in Auschwitz, the Jews have become the "untouchables", they are invincible. Nobody dares to even utter one syllable of criticism anymore "out of fear of the Jews" (Book of Esther, 8,17) or as we know from the persecution of Jesus, the Christian redeemer: "But no-one would say anything publicly ... for fear of the Jews." (John 7:13)

No-one less important than the late Director of the Institute for Contemporary History, Dr. Martin Broszat, stated under oath in front of a German court, that the "6 million holocaust-Jews is a symbolical figure." [6]

Therefore, the 6-million holocaust has become the basis for the existence of "Israel" through the most important prophesy, now being fulfilled and protected by, literally, all European courts and lawmakers. "By denying the mass-murder (holocaust) in the concentration camps of Auschwitz, the basis for existence is denied to the Jewish people." [7] Moreover, the judicial holocaust-protection includes the "symbolic" killing-method, outlined in the Talmud-passages about the "burning ovens", since the crematories are an inseparable part of the gas-chambers: "The denial of those 'symbolic killing methods' besmirches the memories of the victims." [8]

None other than the Jewish Peace-Nobel-Prize-Laureate (1982), Elie Wiesel, who calls himself a high priest of the holocaust, writes in his famous book (1986) "Legends of our Time": » "What are you writing?" the Rebbe asked. "Stories," I said. He wanted to know what kind of stories: true stories. "About people you knew?" Yes, about things that happened or could have happened. But they did not?" No, not all of them did. In fact, some were invented from almost the beginning to almost the end. The Rebbe leaned forward as if to measure me up and said with more sorrow than anger: "That means you are writing lies!" I did not answer immediately. The scolded child within me had nothing to say in his defense. Yet, I had to justify myself: "Things are not that simple, Rebbe. Some events do take place but are not true; others are - although they never occurred".« [9] Wiesel called his holocaust-writing, cynically, "Legends". What is Wiesel telling us, that only Hebrews of the inner-circle can understand? Are the "6 million" a Cabbalistic reality, while it is a "Legend" in factual terms?

Haim Landau, after signing the restitution-agreement in 1952 with Adenauer, called out to Schmul Dayan (Mapai) in Yiddish: "Lucky us! 6 million Jews were murdered and we can get some money". [10] Can one really call it lucky to get paid for 6 million murdered brethren? This would be unthinkable for us non-Jews. It is out any imagination for non-Jews, to be paid for the artificial fulfilment of a prophesy, enforced by the victorious Allies, permitting the Jews to return to the promised land and at the same time acquire a title to receive billions of Dollars for things that may be true, but have not happened, as Elie Wiesel is telling us.

»"These numbers do matter," Hilberg [one of the most prominent Jewish holocaust historians] said. "They also matter for a very simple reason -- call it religious, if you like."« [11]

The Cabbalistic 6 and world power

However, the year 1999 (666), according to the Cabbala, was the year when the "The Hebrew Messiah" promised to his Jews to enslave the world. All efforts of the Hebrews in high government positions, who direct the policies of the US and most European Nations, are aimed to tighten the grip on the globe since the year 5760 (1999) the "Year Of The Hebrew Messiah" which is 666.

None other than the late President of "The Council of Jews in Germany" (interestingly enough, not German Jews) Ignatz Bubis, reaffirmed, to the amazement of the audience, the importance of the dominating numeral 6 and the 666 in Judaism – in front of running TV-cameras. E.e. the triple 6. Bubis chided the Jewish attorney Fagan, suing Germany for restitution for the so-called slave-labour during WW II, that he is simplifying the case by trying things the "Hebrew way, demanding "3x6=18, we demand $ 18 billion." [12]

In order to be able to control the world, the world’s riches must be controlled first. Thus, from the beginning, Yahweh made it very clear to his chosen people, to whom the gold and silver of this world belongs to. Thus, controlling the world, providing that the covenant between him and his people is fulfilled.

»"Lord of the world, we have created many market places, we have built baths and we multiplied silver and gold. And we did it only for Israel" ... The Lord then speaks to them: "The gold and silver belongs to me."« [13]

His followers are so certain about this fact that they will do and dare anything to guarantee that all the control (acting as trustees) of material assets are arranged to his utmost satisfaction: "Foreigners will rebuild your walls, and their kings will serve you [Jews]. ... For the nation or kingdom that will not serve you will perish; it will be utterly ruined." (Isaiah, 60:10,12) The noticeable dramatic increase of financial demands throughout the world is no longer restricted to the Germans, but has now spread to almost every nation on earth under one pretext or another. No nation is immune any longer to demands made by the Chosen.

Even the most important prophecy, that 6 million Jews had to vanish into the "burning ovens" (of Auschwitz), became "judicial notice" with the help of specially designed laws in almost all countries of the western world. With this holocaust status (holocaust means "fire victim") the Cabbalists grew to omnipotence.

The US and Europe are now almost under their total control: "The Jewish World-Congress has considerable influence and a clout in all US-government decisions. In both, politics and the economy." [14] And Ariel Sharon, Israel’s Prime Minister, unabashedly stated in Israel Radio that the Jews control the United States: "We, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it." [15] They work for unilateral policies, for unilateral opinions and the annihilation of all criticism against Israel and the Jews – globally. Hallelujah!

The Cabbalistic 6 and Erez Israel

This fitted in with the demands of the Cabbalistic US-foreign minister, Madeleine Albright, to have the Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan ultimately extradited from Italy to Turkey in 1998. Why was Öcalan so important to the Cabbala? Why did they want him hanged in Turkey?

Öcalan documented that the founder of modern Turkey, called Atatürk, was a converted Jew, who not only denied the Kurds their own country, but also began to exterminate them. Why? The Kurds are no threat to anyone in that region.

According to the Cabbala and the Old Testament, Yahweh promised the Jews "Erez Israel": "A number of discrepant versions of Biblical borders of the Land of Israel, which rabbinical authorities interpret as ideally belonging to the Jewish state, are in circulation. The most far-reaching among them include the following areas within these borders: in the south, all of Sinai and a part of northern Egypt up to the environs of Cairo; in the east, all of Jordan and a large chunk of Saudi Arabia, all of Kuwait and a part of Iraq south of the Euphrates; in the north, all of Lebanon and all of Syria together with a huge part of Turkey (up to lake Van); and in the west, Cyprus." [16]

The area around the Lake Van is a Kurdish settlement. Kurds, therefore, without knowing, have become the biblical enemies of Erez Israel. Since Öcalan taught his people about Jewish Cabbalism, he was all the more hated. What made him even more hated, is the fact that he is "fascinated by the clear illumination of Germany's history, which is obviously not recognised by her own people and even denied." [17] The present pact Turkey-Israel (a Turkey much to the liking of Israel's taste) is something to think about.

Will the 666 be enforced by war?

There are, however, a few difficulties in the way of the final implementation of world dominance. The Moslem world does not believe in the "6 million-holocaust" anymore. This may require, according to the Talmud, to "strike the 'haters of Israel' in the face", (who do not want to bow-down and surrender to the Cabbalistic prophesies).

There are, already, Talmudic measures in place to punish the enemy. The Jewess Deborah Horan wrote in 1998 in the 'Washington Post': "Israel's army is now preparing for the possibility of a war that military analysts say may come in 1999 if Palestinians make good on their threat to declare an independent state in the West Bank and Gaza in May." [18] What we experience since the year 2000, the mass murder of the Palestinian people by Yahweh's forces and the confiscation of the entire Iraq and her riches, confirms Deborah Horan’s prediction.

The Cabbalistic 6 and Terror

The Cabbalists regard the Palestinians as Amalek (people of Canaan, descendant of Esau, hereditary enemies of Hebrews). "The Amalekites, meaning that one is permitted to murder [sic] them until their remembrance is blotted out from under heaven.". [19] The Nazis, just as the Palestinians, are also considered to be Amalekites. The Jerusalem Post (22. March 1997) states: "The spiritual heirs of Amalek include the Nazis, the Soviet communists, and those Arabs who will not rest until we disappear from the Land." [20]

"Germany is ill prepared for a gas-terror-attack", writes "Die Welt" (Dec. 28, 1998, p.4) in a security analysis. And further down is says: "Harald Müller (Peace activist) does not exclude the possibility, that biological weapons may be used." Thinking about this war against the Amalek, who may need to be removed from the face of the earth by the order of the Messiah following the year of the beast (666) 1999. Germans recall in horror, when on July 28, 1995, a 31 year old Israeli by the name of Leon Bor hijacked a public transport bus in Cologne (used mostly by foreign workers) and asked: "Who German?" [21] "Two bodies were left on the bus, the driver and a 64 year old woman from Baden-Württemberg, who had to die only because she answered; 'I'm German'." [22] This Russian Jew was, obviously, consumed by hate for the Amalek. According to him; he acted righteously. What if the next "angel of hate" arrives from Israel with a biological bomb in his luggage, which is much easier than kidnapping a bus full of passengers at gunpoint. Or, Israel fires some rockets from its nuclear arsenal onto the land of the German Amalek.

Extinction under the guidance of the Cabbalistic 6?

The technical possibilities are breathtaking, considering the year of the Messiah (666) 1999, adding to that some mentally deranged persons with a death-wish for the Amalek. Already in 1946, some Israelis wanted to eradicate 6 million Germans by poisoning them: "Full details of a plot to kill millions of Germans - one for every Jew killed in the Holocaust - are revealed today in an exclusive Observer interview with the man behind the plan ... and they were helped by the man who became Israel's first President. In fact, they had to be content with wiping out up to 400 former SS guards, poisoned in one sweep by painting arsenic on their bread." [23] This saintly Jew and first president of Israel, Chaim Weizman, actively participated in the grizzly murder, while the world cannot stop praising Weizman.

Another murderer, Joseph Harmatz, who was part of the planning-circle, gives interviews and boasts about his mass-murder of Germans, without winding-up behind bars. On the contrary, the Jewish Lord Janner even praises this evil deed: "The people who took this action knew, even in 1945, that they would never get justice. It is not for me as a Queen's Counsel to advocate people taking the law into their own hands, but in this case they were right." [24] On the other hand, 85 year old Erich Priebke received a life-sentence in Italy for his retaliation, in accordance with the Hague-War-Charter, against communist partisans, who killed 35 Italians and Germans, amongst them several children. Israeli mass-murderers can pursue their own personal revenge unpunished and even receive great enthusiasm, fame and staggering amounts of money for boasting about their mass murders on TV and in their books.

The extermination of Afghans and Iraqis are only the prelude of Yahweh's reign. We can soon expect many more man-made disasters. This is the age of gene-manipulations. We now learn that Israel is developing gene-weapons, aimed to kill specific racial groups. According to Israeli scientists, the Jewish state has the capability e.g. to wipe-out the Iraqi people. The Sunday Times reports: "They have, however, succeeded in pinpointing a particular characteristic in the genetic profile of certain Arab communities, particularly the Iraqi people. The disease could be spread by spraying the organisms into the air or putting them in water supplies." [25]

Can we really rule out, that the Israeli scientists have not discovered a specific German gene-profile by which to remove the "Teutonic Amalek" cleanly and completely, without harming Jews around them?

And the Cabbalistic-Khazars would no doubt meet the approval of the free world if Sharon or any other Israeli leader would eliminate the Germans. The Jewish Harvard professor, Daniel Goldhagen, insists that the Germans have an inborn killer-gene which drives the Germans to kill Jews. However, the Germans have no right to complain, for Helmut Kohl awarded this Harvard scholar 10.000 German Marks, signalling to the world that born Jew-killers have no rights to live on this earth.

Who is to say that the Cabbalistic ethno-bomb is not also effective on Sephardic Jews, real Jews, dark-skinned Jews, Torah-True-Jews? Let's look into the Book of John where Jesus tells his "Jewish" enemies that they are not the children of Abraham, but the children of the devil. Tora-True-Jews, too, do not recognise the Zionists and Khazars as real Jews:

"How could the Zionist leaders and the World Jewish Congress (a major Zionist organization) have the nerve to ask for Jewish assets? The world-wide boycott against Germany in 1933 and the later all-out declaration of war against Germany initiated by the Zionist leaders and the World Jewish Congress enraged Hitler so that he threatened to destroy the Jews. By using the new atheist exile politics they provoked and increased anti-Semitism in Europe which led to the Second World War and the destruction of European Jewry. All the great Rabbis have warned of the terrible consequences of the Zionist heresy. The same exile politics has caused the problems in the Middle East where Jews lived peacefully with the Arabs until the advent of Zionism. Now the same tactics are being used against the Swiss and other nations." [26]

Warnings of the Cabbalistic 6 madness

The Cabbalistic insanity is managed by a relative small but powerful clique of Israeli Khazars. The late President of organised Jewry in Germany, Ignatz Bubis, tried in 1998 to distance themselves bravely from those insane Cabbalists. Those who know our position, know that we have very little sympathy for the late Mr. Bubis. But in this case, we have to stand with him and admire his dangerous move to disassociate himself from the Cabbalistic clutches. In front of "Frontal" TV-cameras he warned of the Hebraic madness and admitted, that there is, in reality, a 666 insanity. He, as one of the highest authorities of Judaism in the world, admitted that the Cabbala and the anti-Christ numerals really exist and it's driving the world towards the brink of annihilation.

Even David Levy, ex-Foreign-Minister of Israel (a Sephardic Jew) issued a sharp warning: "[This] takes us back to the dark ages, with people looking for good luck charms and ascribing divine qualities to a human being. This has become a virtual industry, unfortunately based on superstition and leading us towards an abyss, blindness and near civil." [27]

Bubis' suffered a sudden death following Michael Wolffsohn’s demand of Bubis’ resignation. Wolffsohn, an Israeli Professor, teaches holocaust-history in the "Bundesrepublik's" Army: "The history professor at the 'Bundeswehr' (the new German Army) university, Michael Wolffsohn, demanded the resignation of the chairman for the 'Council of Jews in Germany', Ignatz Bubis. The professor wrote in the Rhein-Zeitung; the 71 year-old Bubis is overworked and suffers from reality-dilution and is no longer politically competent." [28]

War and the number 6

Rabbi Teitelbaum: "Zionism, an invention of Satan."

According to Prof. Israel Shahak (commenting on a 'Maariv' article on Sept. 2, 1994, titled 'The Jewish Laundry of Drug Money') stated that †Yoel Teitelbaum, a Rabbi of the 'sacred family' of the Hassidic line of Judaism, had published learned books in which Zionism was described as an invention of Satan. Israeli victories (especially the one in the 6 Day War) were attributed solely to the direct Satanic help given to the Israeli army. Teitelbaum’s accusation is also in line with Christ’s revelation that the leading Jews are the offspring of Satan.

As we are well aware, in reality the so-called 6-Day-War between Israel and her enemies in 1967 lasted more than "6" days - yet, the Cabbalists call it the 6-Day-War! The Israeli invasion of Lebanon took place on June 6, 1982. It took "6" years to defeat the German Amalek in World War II. Was this the reason why brutal mass bombings of civilian German targets, violating all international conventions, had to be carried out to complete the campaign in time.

The Allied Invasion of Normandy commenced on the 6th of June 1944. Once again we see the 6th day of the 6th month. And adding the digits of the year 1944 = 18, which is 3 x 6.

The United States of America tropped the Atomic Bomb ('Yahweh's Dream' was written on the bomb) on the "6"th of August 1945 on Hiroshima. We are taught that the world was created by God in "6" working days, is it true? Is Teitelbaum suggesting that a certain God is really Satan? Could this be the reason why there is never peace, justice and truth in our troubled world? However, the importance of the number 6 to the Cabbalists is clearly shown once more in the above examples.

Jesus Christ said to the Jews: "You belong to your father, the devil and you want to carry out your father's desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him." (John 8:44)

Will the Cabbalistic 6 escort the decline of Jewish power?

As from 1999 the world has become an increasingly perilous place. In 1998 the NATIONAL JOURNAL wrote in the earlier version of this article: "It may start with the total destruction of Iraq, since, according to Cabbalistic fantasies, Saddam Hussein embodies the rebirth of a Babylonian Amalek." Preparations were already made in 1998 (1998 divided by 3 = 666) and, how interesting, that in January 1999, leading Cabbalists have already announced the arrival of the Messiah, the Jewish control of the world: "The arrival of the Messiah is imminent or he could have already come and is living amongst us, without wishing to expose himself at this moment." (29)

However, the Cabbalists could also suffer a tremendous defeat, should it become known that the Cabbalistic prophesies were concocted with artificial prophesies to deceive the devil, their god. They are in terrible trouble. Not only because they have tried to trick Yahweh, the all knowing power, of which the Cabbalists are fully aware and afraid of, but as biblical history has shown, if Yahweh's demands are not obeyed to the letter, terrible punishments on his Chosen People usually follows. Their evil game is also monitored by their spiritual enemy, Jesus Christ. Soon they have to fear punishment from both sides. From the redeemer of mankind, Jesus Christ, and from Yahweh. Perhaps Christ, the adversary of Yahweh, may observing it all, finally deliver them into oblivion, if Yahweh does not act before him.

Besides schedule problems and other unfinished tasks, the Cabbalists suffered also in Germany in autumn 1998 an unexpected setback. The German general elections, always held in October, had this time been re-scheduled for the 27th of September (2+7+9 = 18 = three times 6), in order to safeguard Chancellor Kohl's re-election. Therefore, some people called Kohl "Satan's Chancellor". However, Kohl lost the election, Yahweh must have been enraged by this failure of his people. Yahweh was right again. It turned out that Kohl’s successor, Gerhard Schröder, refused to support the Jewish war against Iraq in 2003.

Since the Cabbalists failed to complete all their tasks to Yahweh's satisfaction in the year of the Anti-Christ (666), 1999, they might lose it all and it will be a long time until they would get another chance to enslave the Goyim world. In Putin’s Russia, Jewry suffered the most graven failure by losing the globalistic grip on the country’s riches and the control of the media. This is a disaster because they gained total power in Russia under the stooge Boris Jelzin. Yahweh, who is intolerant of failure may choose another people to fulfil his plans and enslave his earlier favourites.

There is another more important danger on the horizon. The arrival of Yahweh's arch enemy, the Marduk. The year 2013 is a crucial date for Yahweh and his chosen ones. It's not coincidental that leading Cabbalists have already warned in 1996: "Indeed, many Jewish leaders are warning of danger signs on the horizon this year, suggesting the organized clout of the community may be facing a long period of decline." [30]

And we know from the Bible: "You serpents, you brood of vipers, how are you to escape being sentenced to hell?" (Mathew 23:33)

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