From the time the Apostles first began to evangelize the nations, the Catholic Church has had one great, fierce, and enduring enemy. That enemy is the jews - the people who rejected their King and their God, who crucified Him, and who prophesied the stain that should forever mark them, in their defiant shout: "HIS BLOOD BE UPON US AND UPON OUR CHILDREN!"

For twenty centuries the jews have never ceased to reiterate their rejection of Jesus. With concentrated Hebrew intensity they have bent themself to the task of assaulting the Church which He founded and in which He lives. It is that purpose that has bound the jews together: a stubborn, alien knot that refuses to be dissolved into any society.

Throughout history the jews have been the soul of every anti-Christian movement. There has not been a single important program or organization aimed at the overthrow of the Catholic Church in which they cannot be found lurking.

Thus, the jews were the main opposition to spreading the Faith at the time of the Apostles. They were the ones who urged Nero to begin his persecution of the Christians. They started Gnosticism, the first great heresy that threatened to destroy the Church by confusing her doctrine. They provided inspiration and encouragement for almost every other heresy, from Arianism in the fourth century to protestantism in the sixteenth (chiefly by making always available their Talmud and Cabala, the sources and reservoirs of all anti-Christian blasphemy and filt). In our own day, they conceived, brought into being, and provided the membership for Communism.

The Church however, has never been deceived by the jews. Always, and in the strongest possible terms, she has tried to warn and protect her children against these "adversaries of all men", as Saint Paul called them. Throgh the decrees of her Popes and Councils she has obliged the jews to live in ghettos, forbidden them to have christian servants or to hold public office, required them to wear orange hats so as to be easily recognized and avoided. At one time or other, the jews have been banished from almost every country in Europe - and not by merciless tyrants but by great Christian rulers, like Saint Henry II of Germany and Saint Louis IX of France.

Not until the eigthteenth century, when the Freemasons began to take over the governments of Europe, did the jews really come into their own. Before that they had been obliged to work mostly underground, exerting their influence in hidden, subtle ways. But from this time on they worked in the open.
Being formed for the purpose of combatting Christ and His Church, the Masons shrewdly realized that to wage this war effectively they must enlist the aid of that people who had always been the backbone of the anti-christian army. Accordingly, the Masons'terminology, their secret rituals, their philosophy, were all taken over from the jews. But the Masons'greatest stroke was to make use, not merely of these perfidious traditions, but of the vital, raging jewish people themselves. As the Masons took over the nations of Europe, the jews were released from the ghettos in which they had been for centuries confined, and turned out on society.

Thus was established the great alliance in the empire of Satan: the Masons and the Jews; the Masons with their power, controlling goverment and business, plotting and planning at the highest levels; the jews with their influence, controlling the press and entertainment, insinuating their nervous, impure, infidel values into all society, and corrupting it to the core.
These two, which in every other respect are poles apart, have joined together for one reason: the destruction of the Catholic Church. And every Masonic-Jewish scheme has this end in view. Thus, their advocacy of Internationalism is partly due to the fact that they have loyalty to no country, but mainly it is an attempt to fight the Church on a scale as large, as catholic, as the Church is herself.

The Masons' supreme, ultimate objective, so they mysteriously declare, is to rebuild the Temple of Jerusalem. This is of course, an objective which the jews share. And though it may sound innocent, it is, in its implications, terrifying.
The Temple of Jerusalem is the traditional center of jewish worship, which was destroyed in 70 A.D. by the Romans, in fulfillment of Our Lord's prophecy that "THERE SHALL NOT BE LEFT A STONE UPON A STONE." The establishment of the state of Israel gives the Masons and the jews their first opportunity to try and achieve their objective of rebuilding this Temple.
If they make the attempt - and they undoubtedly they will - Christians my watch anxiously to see what happens.
For the Temple was destroyed as a stark, unmistakable sign of GOD's wrath upon the jews. It has never been rebuilt, and the Saints and Fathers tell us it never will be.
They name but one exception. They tell us that at the end of the world, when God will permit all the powers of hell to be unleashed against the Church, the Antichrist will appear. And he will succeed in doing what the Masons and the Jews are determined to do: he will rebuild the Temple of Jerusalem.


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