The Roman Catholic Church today is groaning under the weight of her enemy. In her maternal charity she can support all the insults of the world and all the wounds inflicted by those who work day and night to destroy her, her children and Founder. She has had this Enemy from the beginning and she will have it as the last enemy on earth. This Enemy had caused the persecution, wars, upheavals, revolutions, intellectual aberrations and the general decadence of human society.

This enemy is the pest in the catholic Church and the scourge of all humanity. The pharisaic Sanhedrin, the Zionist Mafia, who is awaiting the future King of Israel is the eternal enemy of all Christianity. These are Christ killers even in modern times. As our Christ can die no more and will come to judge the living and the dead, this flock of Satan is directing its final assault upon HIS MYSTICAL BODY.

Their blows don't hurt as much as our own people deceived or bending under their satanic wiles. The sooner these anti-Christ people get of our backs the sooner we shall have peace in the world for mankind.

Refrain for a moment of labelling this writer anti-semitic before examining the facts objectively. And if you still insist then you must add pro Christo et Ecclesia. First of all, we must voice our complete disagreement to the Vatican II Declaration on the jews.

Since this declaration is not a matter of dogma and Catholic teaching we are free to do so in conscience; but rather we are obligated to reject it as injurious to the following popes who have issued Encyclicas, statements and warnings against the Jews: Honorius III, Gregory IX, Innocent IV, Clement IV, Gregory X, Nicholas III, Nicholas IV, John XXII, Urban V, Martin V, Eugene IV, Calixtus III, Paul III, Julius III, Paul IV, Pius IV, Pius V, Gregory XIII, Sixtus V, Clement VIII, Paul V, Urban VIII, Alexander VII, Alexander VIII, Innocent XII, Clement XI, Innocent XIII, Benedict XIII, Bededict XIV, Clement XII, Clement XIII, Pius VI, Pius VII, Leo XII, Pius VIII, Gregory XVI, Pius IX, Leo XIII, Pius X, Pius XI.

We do not say that the Catholic Church has turned against herself, but we do say that those powerful few jews have succeeded to subvert our Divine Institution to serve their own ends. If they can do these things openly today, it means only one thing, namely, that they feel powerful enough by their stranglehold on all the facets of our modern life to finally attack the Catholic Church. This is deduced from formal logic. If you want to be convinced with historical facts, read the books "THE PLOT AGAINST THE CHURCH", by Maurice Pinay, and "JUDAISM AND THE VATICAN" by Vicomte Leon de Poncis.

Before the Vatican II Declaration on the jews could be formulated and promulaged, the ground work had to be prepared; the field had to be plowed, seeded and watered. Augustine Cardinal Bea (Behaim) convinced his holiness Pope John XXIII to establish the Scretary for the Unity of Christians. This Secretariat was used and is being used as a front to launch the propaganda for the jews. Once this ad hoc commite was established, the crypto-jews gave it support and labor; The two convert (Maranos) jews, Msgr. John Oesterreicher of Seton Hall University; and, Fr. Gregory Baum; Fr. Edvard H. Flannery; bishop Walter Kempe from Germany; bishop Sergio Mendez Arceo from Mexico.

Inside the most intimate circles of the Sanhedrin, the theory was formulated that the jewish people are not responsible for the death of Christ, but that responsibility exends to all mankind. They also stated that the jews have been unjustly and wrongfully pursued by Catholics thoughout the Christian Era, and that Catholics must now understand and relize their error, and repair the harm done to them and stop offending them in any and all future circumstances.

WHY DON'T THEY CEASE TO BLASPHEME THE NAME OF JESUS? It is obvious that the whole jewish race is being seized with an unbearable remorse of conscience which,were they to heed as the, voice of God, they would convert forever to Jesus Christ, instead they are fighting Him to the bitter end. They do not mention how they instigated the Romans persecutions; and the murder of millions upon millions in the former Communist countries. They do not mention their hateful desecrations of the holy places in Palestine.

The jewish thesis was taken by Cardinal Bea (a Maranos) straight from an official of the Order of B'NAI B'RITH, an exclusively jewish Masonic Order, during the month of June 1962. The direct contact between the jewish lodges and Cardinal Bea, was at first established through the converted jews John Oesterreicher and Gregory Baum. Later, when written information became available and was presented to the Cardinals and Bishops of the Council that this thesis came through jewish-masonic manipulation, they decided to push it aside and then Mr.Label Katz, president of the International order of B'nai B'rith and Nahum Goldman President of the Jewish World Congress, interfered personally when they heard that the Council Fathers were going to discard the thesis. The Declaration was passed and promulgated.


Yet the jewish subversion goes on in our Catholic colleges, schools and organizations, brainwashing our Catholic population. Rabbis continue to teach and preach to members of our Catholic Family. If you do not throw off these ANTI-CHRIST people you will have renounced your Catholic Faith and have become the followers of ANTI-CHRIST who will appear on the scene not much longer hence. Will it be Christ or Anti-Christ? Will you become saints or will you become inquitous? Wil you be saved or will you be dammed?

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