"Governments do not govern, but merely control the machinery of
government, being themselves controlled by the hidden hand." -
Benjamin Disraeli

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The New World Order Intelligence Update

Conspirators hierarchy! The Comitee of 300!

Jewish History, Jewish Religion

The Thirteenth Tribe

The Bilderberg Group:
Planning the World's Future Behind Closed Doors

Conspiracy Newsline

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The Inquisition was Right!

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The Racist Jewish Mafia assault on the Internet
-Wiesenthal is waging against the Internet.
The Israel lobby
wants the Jewish opinion to be the only
permitted opinion in the world

goldmn.gif (25979 bytes) "I hardly exaggerate. Jewish life
consists of two elements:
Extracting money and protesting."

† Nahum Goldmann, Ex-President of the WJC World
Jewish Congres in his book "The Jewish Paradox",
athenäum, Frankfurt 1988, p. 77

The Racist Jewish Secular Trash Recycling Society!

Important Bible Passages Concerning the Enemy!

A Cry From Russia!
Bring the International Racist Jewish Mafia to Justice for Crimes against Humanity!

The Temple of the 13 Suns

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