Few things in this life have held the attention of Man as successfully as that of a good mystery. How many times did we, as young people, pick up a "Hardy Boys" mystery or try to unravel the intricate web of mysterious, unexplainable clues with which Sherlock Holmes had to deal? And yet, for over two hundred years, one of the greatest mysteries, of all time, has been staring us in the face. We wrestle with this mystery every day of our lives without so much as giving it a passing thought. With its majestic wings mightily spread, I am referring to the great seals of the United States found on the back side of the one dollar bill of United States Currency.

Before we continue to address this topic any further, it would be in your interest to physically get a one dollar bill and follow along with the illustrations found in this chapter in order that you get the 'big picture'.

Looking directly at the back side of the one dollar bill you now hold, you can plainly see that it has two distinct seals between the four number 1's and the four 'one' words spelled out.

How did these two 'great' seals originate? Well, I know three stories dealing with its origins. The first one tells of how Thomas Jefferson, a Mason; Benjamin Franklin, a Rosicrucian; and John Adams, also a Mason, were commissioned, on July 4, 1776, to design these seals.

This is the historical aspect.

The second story relates that these three patriots were given the design by "illuminated" Masons. The third story holds that, while trying to design this seal in his home, on June 17, 1782, Thomas Jefferson was suddenly approached by a "being", cloaked in black. The "being" allegedly presented Jefferson with a red velvet bag which contained two plaques. Turning around, the "being" walked into Jefferson's garden and mysteriously vanished.

The two plaques that were in the red velvet bag were the two Great Seals of the United States. I, personally, agree with the latter story. As you continue in this chapter, you will realize that these seals are too brilliantly put together that it had to be demonically-inspired by Satan. Whichever story 'you' believe, one outstanding fact remains unchanged; these seals were not to inaugurate the Declaration of Freedom, but were designed as a tribute to a 'new world order' that would take over the Thirteen Colonies of the United States.

It was on May 1, 1776, when Dr. Adam Weishaupt founded the Bavarian Order of the Illuminati. Weishaupt was a Professor of Jewish Canon Law at the University of Ingolstadt in Bavaria, Germany. He was born a Jew and later converted to Roman Catholicism. A former Jesuit Priest, he left the order to form his own organization. It was Weishaupt's belief that only a chosen few had enough "illumination" to guide and rule the world. The problem was simply this: where would he find these few intellectual "lightbearers?" Subsequently, he found them in various lodges and orders of the day. He infiltrated the Jesuit Order, the Masonic lodges, the Rosicrucian Order and other orders of antiquity. But, all this didn't happen without reprisal. Many lodges and orders that had been infiltrated virtually warned Weishaupt to discontinue his activities. Fortunately for Weishaupt, Thomas Jefferson, in 1784, had recently been named the United States Ambassador to France. Jefferson, a Mason, favored Weishaupt's 'new order' and came to his aid. The 'new order' was now guaranteed to continue and it eventually became known as the "Order of the Illuminati."

As their founder continued to expand the ranks and membership, two major events transpired; five years after he was named Ambassador to France, Thomas Jefferson returned home to become Secretary of State. Shortly after his arrival, on September 15, 1789, the United States Congress officially adopted the Great Seals of the United States which were, originally, and in fact, the Two Great Seals of the Illuminati.


In order to properly decipher the codes held by these seals, one must have a working knowledge of "Gematria," (which is the study of the meanings behind a number). Many good books have been written on the subject and can be found readily available in public and university libraries or Christian bookstores. Take the one dollar bill you have ready for the following exercise and look at its back side, focusing your attention on the great seal to your left. Compare your bill to Figure 1 on the next page. Directly above the capstone of the pyramid, is a Latin expression, "ANNUIT COEPTIS", AND DIRECTLY BENEATH THE BASE OF THE PYRAMID IS ANOTHER EXPRESSION, in Latin, "NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM." These Latin expressions, when translated to English, mean respectively, "Announcing the Birth" (or arrival), and "New World (secular) Order." So here we have a clear-cut warning: "Announcing the Birth of a New World Order."

Next, we see the capstone separated from the pyramid, with an eye in the center. This is NOT the all-seeing eye of God. If it was, the point of the capstone would be pointing down, indicating God looking into the affairs of Man. I might add that the three sides of the capstone would normally represent God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, but since the capstone is facing upward, it therefore means that Man is "invading the heavenlies." In occult mysticism, the three sides mean Satan, The Antichrist, and the False Prophet.

As for the rest of the pyramid, it is made up of exactly 13 steps. These steps represent the organizational chart of the Illuminati, and an additional direct commentary relating to this corporate breakdown can be found in a previous work of this author entitled "Secrets of the Illuminati."

The first block in the first level represents the "Council of Thirteen"; this council is comprised of the thirteen most powerful witches alive today. For those witches, or anyone else connected with the Illuminati, the "Council of Thirteen" takes its orders only from the House of Rothschild in Scotland. Phillipe and Edmond, who were the heads of this house, were considered literal 'gods' upon this planet and their word was law. In the last five years both Phillipe and Edmond have died; complete control of the House of Rothschild, and the Order of the Illuminati, is now in the hands of Lord James Rothschild.

The second block in the pyramid represents the "Council of 33." This council consists of the 33 highest Masons in the entire world.

The third block in the pyramid is known as the "Council of 500." This council consists of the 500 richest people and various companies in the world. The "Council of 500" is headed by Queen Juliana of the Netherlands. Her personal estate is valued at over three billion dollars, making her one of the richest ladies in the world. It is also interesting to note, that her husband, the Prince Consort, Prince Bernhard heads the Bilderbergs; the notorious and infamous group who first met in 1954 at the Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek, Holland. Most political and economic plans of the world are created through the members of this group. One last thing to take note of, the 1976 meeting of the Bilderberg Society had to be canceled due to the "Lockheed bribery scandal" in which Prince Bernhard himself was involved.

The remainder of the blocks within the pyramid, are those of various orders and lodges as discussed in the aforementioned book "Secrets of the Illuminati."

At the base of the pyramid, in roman numerals, is MDCCLXXVI, which equals the year "1776." Most people are led to believe that this represents July 4, 1776 in which America declared her independence. This is not true! The MDCCLXXVI represents May 1, 1776 the founding date in which the Illuminati was officiated. As Jesus Christ is to be the foundation for a good Christian life (I Corinthians 3:11), the Illuminati based their foundation on the evil ways of their god, Lucifer (Satan).

In short, this first seal is telling us that on May 1, 1776, a 'New World Order' had been created. The head of this order is Lucifer and it would be based upon depravity and rebellion. This group, of course, is unlike any other on Earth, for it is 'hell-spawned' with the intent of taking over planet Earth for Satan.

Now, let's examine the second part of the seal, located on the right hand side of the back of the dollar bill, then follow along with Figure 2.

Starting from the top, we see a cluster of 13 stars surrounded by 28 glowing guide lines. Thirteen is the number for "depravity and rebellion," and twenty-eight is the number for "eternal life."

Much more will be said concerning this cluster of stars, but, for now, let's continue examining this seal. Continuing downward, we see another Latin expression on a banner, consisting of 13 letters, held in an eagle's beak. The Latin expression, "E PLURIBUS UNUM," in translation, means "One out of many." But, the question that should be asked is "One out of many WHAT?" If you will recall the Illuminati was formed out of many groups, and out of them the finest members with the best potential were kept ("One group out of many groups").

We next consider the eagle. When the first seals were presented to Thomas Jefferson at his home in Monticello on June 17, 1782, the familiar eagle hardly looked like one. In fact, if you compare Figure 3 to Figure 4, the first bird looks exactly like a mythical bird known as the Phoenix. In Egyptian mythology, the Phoenix was a legendary bird that lived between five and six centuries and was, in the end, consumed in fire by its own act. Later, it resurrected itself from it's own ashes, giving itself a new and fresh life.

Why a Phoenix of all available birds to represent? An interesting event which has been erased from the annals of time and history took place during the formation of the United States. An insidious plan to take over the new American society was developed by the Illuminati. Many plans and papers had been drawn up in painstaking detail, and these plotted and sought to overthrow the federal government through certain infiltrations, along with other countries such as Germany, France, and England. The plans were handed over to a courier named Lanze in Frankfurt, Germany one rainy night in February of 1785. The information held within the satchels would be circulated to various Masonic Lodges and Illuminati members.

As this courier was riding through Ratisbon, Germany, on that cold and rainy night, Divine intervention came into play. A bolt of lightning came streaming down from Heaven, striking the rider and killing him instantly. Later, when the body was discovered by the police, the pouches were opened and plans were found that would end our 'just-born' nation and for the overthrow of Europe. The papers also revealed eventual global conquest. The police subsequently raided all the Masonic lodges and other group meeting places and found still other plans that coincided with the ones in their possession.

These lodges, along with the Illuminati, were forced to go underground only to emerge later. But this was slowly accomplished and with the air of Christianity so as to fool everyone into thinking that these were Christian groups.

But, as anyone who knows the true inner dealings and workings of those lodges will tell you, they are based entirely upon the ancient Egyptian and Babylonian mystery schools of Satan worship. Just as the Phoenix bird reportedly resurrected itself from the ashes, so did the Illuminati resurrect itself from hiding.

Also, take note that the so-called eagle is looking toward the right-hand side of the currency, which is our (your) left. Since this bird is looking toward the right, it looks on in favor of this 'New World Order.' Comparatively, the Nazi war bird of World War II was looking toward the left (our right). Since the bird was looking toward the left, it symbolically means that it looked away from what 'we' considered a good governmental system based upon democracy. It looked away in rebellion or "in favor of change."

On the breast of the eagle is a very unusual shield of protection. If you look at the top of it, you will notice 12 horizontal lines above 18 vertical lines. Twelve is the number for a perfect government and eighteen is the number for bondage. So this new government was going to be held in bondage. Bondage by who or whom? Those 18 lines are also set up in a very interesting pattern. There are six sets of lines, and each set contains three lines, or three sixes (666). These six sets are placed upon a white field and when this is done, the white field is broken into seven sections. We now have six sets of dark lines upon a field of white. Six is the number of Man and seven is the number of God. Thus, the system was going to place Man above God.

At the end of the eagle's two legs are eight talons, clutching an olive branch, consisting of 13 berries with 13 leaves plus a cluster of 13 arrows.

The olive branch is symbolic of peace and the berries are the fruit of that peace. The 13 arrows are symbolic of war and military strength. The talons or claws of this bird number eight. Eight is the number of new creations. The talons of this bird are clenched, symbolizing that this new government will take over the old one by force. The new government, of course, will be run by the Illuminati.

Underneath the shield are nine tail feathers, used for guidance and control. Nine is the number of finality, and coupled with the meaning of the tail feathers, this signifies that with guidance and control, this new government has finally arrived. It is now complete!

So, in short, what this second seal is saying, in light of the first seal, is that an old system is going to rise up and take over this new government by force, through the use of demonic control and influence.

Before we continue with these seals, I must interject a little background information. Witches MUST obey certain laws of witchcraft in order for the force to work for them. This is not to say that witches have a force of their own, for, the only force of a witch comes through demonic contacts and obedience.

A witch, by himself or herself, cannot cause anything to happen. It is strictly by the follow-up actions of a demon. If every procedure is properly done, a demon must obey any order or spell given by a witch.

This brings me to my next point. The casting of a spell can be done in several ways. Small ones require few things to be done by the witch, while the larger, more powerful spells require much more.

When casting a spell, certain symbols must be used or the spell won't work. Take a look at Figure 5. This five-pointed star is called a pentalpha. Now look at Figure 6. This interlaced, five-pointed star is called a pentacle; with a circle around it, it would properly called a pentagram (which is only worn by initiated witches). I can remember in the 1960's and early 1970's that the only place an initiated witch could get an interlaced pentacle was in a 'head shop'. On the outside, this shop would appear to sell only records, posters and incense, but those on the 'inside' knew that they could buy occult paraphernalia and even drugs if desired. Today, one can buy the majority of these symbols at any gift shop. Even Avon and a number of major mail-order and catalog sales companies sell jewelry that look exactly like the ones in these diagrams.

Unless a witch has a pentagram on his or her person while casting a spell, nothing will happen. This is a basic law in witchcraft. A true witch is never without this symbol; it's as sacred to a witch as the Cross of Calvary is to a born-again believer.

It must be noted that all the symbols mentioned in this book were given to witches by demons who were under their control.

Observe very carefully the symbol in Figure 7. It is commonly known as the Seal of David, the Jewish Star, the Mogen David, or the Seal of Solomon. This symbol is composed of two interlaced, equilateral triangle that symbolize the union of two realities; God with Man. Compare this to the symbol found in Figure 8.

The symbol in Figure 8 is a Satanic counterfeit of Figure 7 and is called a hexagon. You will note that it also has two equilateral triangles, but they are not interlaced. They are placed one on top of another. Satan, the master counterfeiter, devised this symbol to be used in worship of him. In order for a witch to conjure a demon, and I mean a literal demon being summoned into our plane of existence, a witch must first draw, on the ground, a circle with a nine-foot radius. The outside of this circle is called a "demon's trap," because that is the literal function of this circle. If the circle remains unbroken, and if the witch is using the correct incantations, the demon must remain outside this circle and do the will of the spellcaster.

This six pointed star with a nine-foot radius circle, is called a hexagram. It is the foulest, most evil of all symbols in the occult world. Observe very carefully Figure 9, for the hexagram.

Now take a careful look at Figure 10 and you will see how that seemingly harmless cluster of five pointed stars now becomes a hexagram with a "demon trap" around it just like Figure 9. The eagle, representing this newly-founded government, is being crowned with demonic control. To continue with this virtual horror story, observe, very carefully, what happens when you connect and align all the 13's on the seal in Figure 11.

You'll find the result is still another hexagram, and surrounding this seal is a circle or a "demon trap," just as the 28 guide lines around the stars form a circle.

So far, we have discovered two hexagrams, each one containing a "6" because of its six points. Could it be possible, then, that another hexagram lies somewhere on these seals to form a 6, 6, 6? You should better believe it! Figure 12 will show us and prove this. Notice that when you connect the pyramid with the thirteen's, you will have another hexagram. It has a "demon trap" around it making this three complete hexagrams, each having six sides, or, if you will a "6, 6, 6," THE MARK OF THE BEAST.

Even if I were the severest of critics, and the sincerest of believers in coincidences, I still could not disprove or have any doubts that these two seals were just accidents. I consider it impossible! Every single connecting point fits in place, geometrically. The line under the capstone goes under itself to connect, perfectly, at the ends. The same thing happens with the fourth row of stars in the cluster of 13 stars. The lines run over the top of each other. As in the case of King Belshazzar in Daniel 5:27, this great seal is weighed in the balances and is found wanting.

When these two seals were originally designed, did Thomas Jefferson, John Adams or Benjamin Franklin have any idea of the mystic symbol or symbolism behind them? I believe that Thomas Jefferson did and that Benjamin Franklin also had an idea of the truth. In all probability, John Adams remained in doubt. Years later when Adams discovered the truth about the Illuminati, he left the order to fight against them and their conspiracy.

The Illuminati's two greatest weapons are secrecy and money. Mayer Amschel Rothschild, head of the House of Rothschild, and who was also head of the Illuminati, said in 1838, "Allow me to issue and control the money of a nation and I care not who writes its laws." How very true! Even in today's society, if a federally-sponsored charity does not listen to what these groups want, it will be cut off from all governmental funding. This is "monetarial dictatorship."

Down the corridor of time, a political figure emerged in the 1920's who would become President of the United States. During the 1932 presidential campaign, Franklin D. Roosevelt's political platform was based on what he termed "The New Deal," though many rumors were spreading that this platform did not represent his true plans. Fearing a deeper depression, the public began a run on the banks. Many closed their doors by the time Roosevelt was inaugurated.

When "FDR", as he was called, finally stepped into presidential office, it was with an air of great tension and anxiety, planned by the higher powers in control of Roosevelt.

Even the Great Depression, beginning in late 1929, was part of this overall plan. Congressman Louis T. McFadden, Chairman of the House Banking Committee, said... "It was no accident. It was a carefully contrived occurrence. The international bankers sought to bring about a condition of despair here so they might emerge as rulers of us all."

So the Roosevelt administration asked the United States Congress to pass legislation which would force the American people to give up their gold in exchange for paper money.

When the passing of the appropriate legislation was accomplished, the American people were forced to give up their gold for this new paper money called "greenbacks." They had received $20.67 in paper money for an ounce of gold. This sounded fair in the very beginning, but, shortly thereafter, the government raised the price of gold to $35.00 an ounce. In short, the government (during the great depression) had robbed the American populace of over three billion dollars. Senator Carter Glass was asked his opinion on this new development. He replied, "President Roosevelt, I think that this is worse than anything that Ali Baba's forty thieves could ever have perpetrated."

As Roosevelt's "New Deal" was put into motion, every new dollar bill coming off the presses carried with it two new seals that had never been there before; the Two Seals of the Illuminati. They could now openly declare that their conspiracy had finally born fruit, their "NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM" or "New Deal."

What does all this point to?

It points to the overthrow of our government and places in jeopardy the benefits that accompany it, including the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Wake up, America! We're in trouble!

So now we know that not only does the Illuminati have their own official seal, but we also know that its design equates with the number of the beast (666) as found in the Holy Scriptures.

Before moving on, I feel it necessary to illustrate one more major point. Throughout the years I have been constantly asked if the Freemasons, or Masons as they are called, are in league with the Illuminati. The answer is yes. Once again we will turn to the Great Seals of the Illuminati to prove the point.

In Figure 13, I want you to notice that the lines which make up the hexagram, are passing through and connecting with certain letters. Starting at the bottom of the pyramid, which is the base, or foundation, we see the letter "m" with a circle around it. Following these lines in a non-stop fashion, the letters which are touched upon are: "M", "A", "S", "O", "N". This correctly spells out the group known as the MASONS. At this point there can be no doubt that the Masons are totally involved with the Illuminati. However, if you need further proof, please send for my previously mentioned book, entitled, "Secrets of the Illuminati."

The last thing we need to find out is, where is the Illuminati's seat of power. This shall be revealed within the next chapter, but for now, let me say this; facts are facts. No matter how hard we want to, they cannot be denied. You may not believe everything you have read so far, you may have difficultly accepting a lot of this information, but the one thing that cannot be denied is that a fact, is a fact, is a fact; it is immutable and inalterable. Deny it if you will, but it does not change a thing; the facts still remain facts.

I am not trying to force you to believe everything that I say or write about, at this point I would be thoroughly happy if I have awakened you to the fact that something is terribly wrong. Something is surely going on behind the global scene, and unless we strive to thoroughly understand and reveal those unknown secrets, then we are in big trouble; and we don't have much time left to find out these things.

So get involved, look for the answers, search out those facts, but whatever you do, don't sit back and do nothing. Everyone can help, everyone is capable of doing something to help solve the problems that are plaguing us because of the Illuminati. To do something, you can start spreading around this movie:
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